50th Anniversary Surprise from Çukurova Defence

21 Eylül 2018
Hüseyin Darıcı, Deputy General Manager of Çukurova Defence, and the Fast Armoured Backhoe Loader.

The special coverage published in the 58th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review (TDR) is below:


Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Çukurova Makina İmalat ve Ticaret A.Ş. (Çukurova Defence) surprised visitors to Eurosatory with the unveiling of two newly developed platforms. The products displayed by the company, which has been manufacturing construction equipment for many years, and which is a significant supplier of the Turkish Armed Forces in this regard, attracted great interest from visitors.

The first of these platforms, namely the Fast Armoured Backhoe Loader, was developed in response to a need of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. One of the most important features of this vehicle is that it is not a platform that has been armoured after production, as the cabin and engine compartment have both been produced as monocoque rather than being equipped with an add-on armour. This positions the vehicle a long step ahead of its peers, and results in the vehicle being able to offer BR7 level protection according to EN 1063 standards. In other words, the vehicle is ballistically protected against 7.62×51 mm steel-core ammunition. When required, the bottom of the vehicle can be covered with an armour made of composite and steel to provide protection against mines, and the operator’s seat can be replaced with a mine-resistant shock absorbing seat. Another distinguishing feature of the vehicle is its ability to reach speeds of up to 85 km per hour with its six forward-gear transmission. Equipped with fire extinguishing, explosion suppression and CBRN filtration systems, the vehicle’s operator cabin also features an alarm button. When the vehicle is engaged in an excavation with its stabiliser legs on the ground, the operator can push this button to retract the legs in less than a minute, thus permitting movement.


Multi-Purpose Platform

Multi-Purpose Platform


Multi-Purpose Mission-Ready Platform

The other product unveiled at the exhibition was the company’s Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP). Designed as a thoroughbred cross-country vehicle with a twistable chassis, a 4×4 drive capability and independent suspension, the MPP has been developed as a plain chassis onto which various superstructures can be integrated. This allows the vehicle to be transformed into the desired configuration, whether as a logistic-purpose tactical wheeled vehicle or a combatant tactical wheeled armoured vehicle, as required.

With a 6.7 litre, 285 HP engine, and a fully automatic transmission with six forward gears, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 120 km per hour. The MPP weighs six tons in its basic configuration, and is capable of carrying an additional load of eight tons.

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