A New Age in Naval Warfare Begins with the ATMACA Missile

16 Mayıs 2019

Roketsan opens a new age in surface-to-surface missiles with the new ATMACA Missile. As one of Roketsan’s indigenous solutions displayed for the first time at IDEF’19, ATMACA is a ready-to-use weapon system for modern naval platforms that boasts long-range, low signature and high precision.


ATMACA can be used under any weather condition and it is effective against fixed or moving targets thanks to its resistance against counter measures, its capability to update targets, retarget and terminate the mission, and its mission planning system (3D routing).


The missile makes use of its Global Positioning System (GPS), its Inertial Navigation System (INS) and its Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter sub-systems to navigate towards its target, while its Active Radar Seeker pinpoints its target with high precision. With a range of more than 220 km, this guided missile poses a major threat for targets situated beyond line of sight thanks to its high explosive fragmentation warhead. Furthermore, its sophisticated and modern data link provides ATMACA with the ability to update targets, re-attack and terminate the mission.


With different operation modes such as time-on-target, target shooting and target firing, the missile system offers the most effective mode for the mission in hand.


ATMACA also stands out with its structural design based on advanced technologies, along with its utilization of composite materials in order to reduce weight and to increase structural robustness.


The serial production of ATMACA guided missile was launched with the signing of a contract between the Presidency of Defence Industries and Roketsan in 2018. The integration of ATMACA onto naval platforms of Turkish Navy is also in progress. The first firing tests to be organized for the ATMACA weapon systems that will be integrated onto the MILGEM corvettes are expected to be conducted in the upcoming period.


Roketsan has stated that it will also be the supplier for the striking force of ships, thanks to the ATMACA missile. “All around the world, solutions like ATMACA are very limited. With ATMACA, we have come up with an innovative and special guided missile solution that can compete in such a special and specific area. This has brought Turkey to a level where it can offer not only to such naval platforms as MILGEM, but also guided missiles, as the key striking force of these platforms”.



Technical Specifications of ATMACA
Length 4.8 m
Weight 800 kg
Range > 200 km
Warhead Type High Explosive with Penetration
Warhead Weight 250 kg
Seeker Active RF
Guidance INS*+GPS*+Barometric Altimeter+Radar Altimeter


*INS: Inertial Navigation System

*GPS: Global Positioning System

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