A400M’s Cargo Hold Tanks Refuelling Unit Certified

26 Mart 2019

Following the latest tests it has carried out, Airbus has successfully completed the certification flight testing of the A400M Cargo Hold Tanks (CHT) refuelling unit, thus taking a further step toward the full certification of the aircraft for air-to-air refuelling operations as a tanker.

Announcing the development on February 21, Airbus stated that the flight tests had been performed together with the Spanish Air Force Test Centre (CLAEX), and involved a total of nine flights during which an A400M transferred 90 tonnes of fuel to receiver aircraft, including F-18s and another A400M. The completion of these tests demonstrated the ability of the A400M to refuel both fighter aircraft and large transport aircraft.

Airbus_A400M_tanker_1 - C - Airbus Airbus_A400M_tanker_2 - C - Airbus

The CHT refuelling tanks, the Fuel Quantity Management System software and the Night Refuelling Vision System were all developed and integrated onto the aircraft prior to the testing campaign.

The A400M has been designed from the outset as a dual-role transport and tanker aircraft, and is already in use by the Turkish Air Force.

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