Advertorial: CANİK TP9 Series Expands with New Models

25 Temmuz 2017

The semi-automatic weapons offered by Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) to its customers under the CANİK brand have gained a special place in both the Turkish and world markets, and particularly in the US market. Initially designed primarily for the use of armed forces and security forces, the TP9 is expanding its target group through new models.


To understand the evolution of the TP9, we have to start with the history of the pistol. C. Utku Aral, General Manager and Board Member at SYS, explained how they developed TP9, as follows: “Based on a research we carried out in 2008, we found out that in the future, law enforcement officers would only demand polymer-bodied pistols with a needle firing system. This system reduces the weight of the pistol, and since the number of parts in the needle firing mechanism is less, it also increases the pistol’s endurance. As there was no pistol in Turkey with such features at the time, we had to develop all the subsystems of the project from scratch. We were able to make the TP9 model ready in two years, but it almost took four years for us to remedy all the deficiencies with the mechanism. At that time, the Turkish National Police (TNP) announced that it was in need of such a pistol. In the tender that followed, the TP9 left behind all its foreign competitors and succeeded in entering the inventory. Then, as a result of our work with the Special Operations Department, we developed the TP9 SF, a more advanced version of the TP9 model. The TP9 SF model allowed the TP series to gain acceptance all around the world. Today, 70,000 TP9 series guns are in service at the TNP. Many law enforcement agencies in the world market are also using the TP9 DA, TP9 SA, TP9 SF, TP9 SFx, TP9 SFL, TP9 SF Elite and TP9 SF Elite-S models, in accordance with their requirements.”

The TP9 series pistols are used by law enforcement agencies in South Africa, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Zambia. In addition, all Ukrainian border forces have begun using the TP9.

For the last two years, SYS has been working on different versions of the TP9 series in other sizes and features. By the end of 2016, offered for sale were the TP9 SFx model designed for shooting sports and the TP9 SF Elite model that is suitable for concealed carry. As the aforementioned models are not the equivalents of the TP9, TP9 SA and TP9 models, which were developed earlier, they had a direct effect on the company’s sales figures. In the coming June, new models of the TP9 series, on which a silencer can be installed, will also be offered for sale in the US. In the meantime, the sale of the first ‘subcompact’ model of the TP9 series will begin in early 2018. Since the export of this weapon is not permitted to the US, the installation process will be carried out at the CANİK USA facilities. In addition to these activities, SYS is also continuing to work on its projects, which will be offered for sale in 2019, 2020 and 2021. SYS’ goal is to reach annual sales of 350,000 pistols per year.

Aral shared the following assessments regarding the US market: “The US market is the largest market for all small arms producers. The only way to gain a presence in the US market is to offer quality products, while also making the market accept your brand. This requires a long time and hard work. Based on the decision we took seven years ago, we worked with teams of experts specialised in their respective areas; reviewed our brand, logo and presentation in detail; and initiated our work within the framework of a broader plan. We established our road map and took action based on our public surveys. Today, CANİK is truly one of Turkey’s world brands. I would like to confirm that success in this market does not depend on price. Right now, we do not have a significant price difference between the well-known global brands, and customers prefer CANİK products not because of their price but because of their quality and performance. From the day we first started, a total of seven different types of products have been presented to the market, and top quality performance has been achieved with all of them. As such, we have ensured the customers’ trust and faithfulness on the brand.”


TP9 Elite Series for the Best

The development of the TP9 Elite series began based on the demand from the US. Unlike the TP9 models developed for the use of armed forces and security forces, the TP9 SF Elite model is designed with an inner sheath for easy use. Despite its small size, this series offers ample bullet capacity for users with its 15 bullet capacity, and is described as very comfortable to use in gallery practice. This is why users all over the world prefer the TP9 Elite series.

The TP9 SF Elite model was put on sale in the US in November 2016, earlier than in Turkey. SYS sends to the USA an average of 10,000 TP9 series guns a month, 35 percent of which are Elite series. The same percentage applies for the sales in Turkey.

The endurance of the TP9 Elite series has been increased to meet the criteria established by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries for the Indigenous Pistol Development Project. This model is the top-performing weapon of the TP9 series. With its size suitable for concealed carry, the Elite model also includes an improved trigger safety mechanism. The dismantling of the pistol is different from that of the other models in TP9 series and is much more practical than its equivalents. With a sight designed by Scott Warren, the pistol offers the user a professional sight as standard feature.

The design of the TP9 SF Elite model is suitable for both right and left-hand use. Meanwhile, with the TP9 Elite-S model, the feature of a safety latch through a trigger guard is being offered for the first time anywhere in the world.


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