Advertorial: MEGE TEKNIK, Your First Stop for Cable Harnesses, Electronic Boxes and Panels in Turkey

18 Temmuz 2017

MEGE TEKNIK designs and manufactures cable harnesses, electronic boxes and panels for aerospace and defence platforms. The company is also capable of preparing prototypes of products.

A strong and effective Quality Management system, that is fully compliant with AS EN 9100 and associated aerospace and defence requirements, forms the cornerstone of MEGE TEKNIK’s operation and is a major contributing factor to its continuing growth and success.

With the experienced design and development team, MEGE TEKNIK has the know-how to carry out the design of cable harnesses, electronic boxes and panels for aerospace and defence systems.

References of MEGE TEKNIK are:

  • Airbus
  • Sikorsky
  • Boeing
  • TAI
  • FNSS
  • Otokar

MEGE TEKNIK has the following qualifications:

  • AS EN 9100
  • ISO 9001
  • Facility Security Clearance

MEGE TEKNIK also received EFQM Committed to Excellence Award from KALDER (Turkish Quality Association) in 2013.

MEGE TEKNIK is an Airbus approved company and manufactures fuselage harnesses of A400M military cargo aircraft since 2007. Among with A400M, MEGE is currently manufacturing cable harnesses for Sikorsky helicopters, T-129 ATAK helicopter, C-130 upgrade program (ERCIYES), Boeing AWACS program, and many other national and international aerospace and military projects. MEGE TEKNIK also has appreciable experience in the fields of electromechanical assembly and workmanship for upgrading and modification of aircrafts, helicopters and ground vehicles and installation and integration of new airborne systems and instruments.


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