Advertorial: SYS Continues its Expansion in Every Area

5 Temmuz 2017

Having started its journey as a semi-automatic weapon manufacturer, Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) later expanded its areas of activity with parts production for air and missile platforms, and started making exports to the world with its CANİK brand. The company is also sailing into new seas in the field of weapons and ammunition with its UNIDEF partnership.


SYS has a team of 260 people, 42 of whom are engineers. The company’s R&D department is actively conducting four projects for semi-automated weapons systems. All projects are for export purposes, and none of these projects are alike. SYS allocates a minimum annual budget of ₺3 million for R&D projects.

SYS is the only company to have been selected as one of Turkey’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for the past three consecutive years under the Turkey 100 Programme organised by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), with the company growing by 35 percent in 2016, while its target for 2017 is 45 percent growth. SYS makes 70 percent of Turkey’s pistol exports. According to 2016 data, the company’s CANİK brand is the eighth global brand in terms of pistol exports to the United States. Meanwhile, the 2017 turnover target of SYS is ₺100 million. The company expects to triple this amount within four years.

The flagship of SYS’ product portfolio is the semi-automatic pistols. In this area, the TP9 series makes its mark with its sales figures, both in Turkey and in world markets.

SYS also operates in fields other than semi-automatic pistols. Having made significant investments to become a subcontractor of ROKETSAN, SYS now ranks among the strategic partners of this company. SYS plans to add electronic systems to its capabilities this year, and is also producing parts for TAI that will be used in HÜRKUŞ, A400M and C Series aircraft.


UNIDEF: A Vision Project

In a matter of few years, the UNIDEF joint venture company, a vision project for SYS, has signed contracts with a total value of $15 million in both Turkey and the international markets. Besides international weapons trade, the company’s most important activity is the weapon integration projects for air platforms carried out for the Turkish Air Force and Special Forces Command. These projects have enabled Turkey to gain an important integration infrastructure, allowing the country to become independent in this area. UNIDEF was the first company in the world to integrate the M134 weapon system to Cougar helicopters. It has also designed an electronic support system for the S70 BLACK HAWK helicopters. Today, UNIDEF is working on ensuring the compatibility of air platforms – including their flight control systems – with weapons, which represents the next step of integration activities.

Utku Aral, General Manager and Board Member at SYS, shared the following assessments about the future: “Since SYS has not yet reached its true potential, it is growing very rapidly and we are achieving this growth without conducting any state-supported projects. While 85 percent of SYS’ turnover comes from the sales of its own products, the company exports 70 percent of what it produces. All our plans for the future are targeting the export market. Today, even though it ranks as the eighth brand in the world in terms of exports to the US market, it still has great potential to increase its share of the cake with its new projects, because its product portfolio is smaller than that of its competitors. For this reason, tripling its turnover in four years is a very realistic goal for SYS. Over the next two or three years, important models of the TP series will enter the market and our CANİK USA brand will reach its potential. Once this process is completed, we will also have the product portfolio necessary for reaching the weapons sales target of 350,000 unit/year, which is an important milestone. The most significant step for SYS was to ensure that the CANİK, a Turkish brand, is accepted on the market as a world brand; and by now, CANİK has indeed become one of the most important Turkish brands in the world.”


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