Advertorial: The Future of the Defence and Aerospace Industry Shaped at Teknopark Istanbul

4 Temmuz 2017

Established by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Teknopark Istanbul’s aim is to ensure that domestic and foreign entrepreneurs can contribute to Turkey’s ability to develop technology. Hosting 170 companies and 2,750 R&D personnel as of 2017, Teknopark Istanbul has seen the launch of 600 indigenous projects since it was founded. Together with its existing companies, as well as newly participating ones, Teknopark Istanbul continues to contribute to Turkey’s R&D and innovation ecosystem.

Teknopark Istanbul seeks to become a technology base where Turkey can create its own brands. At the Teknopark, companies that have been allocated with offices include leading Turkish ones such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, STM, TEI, YALTES, Pavo, CTECH, Kale Aero, Altınay, Dearsan, FİGES and Hexagon Studio, as well as world giants such as GE and SAP, which contribute added value to the country. These companies are already contributing directly or indirectly to indigenous military shipbuilding projects, for example the MİLGEM, KURYED, LST and LPD, and also to indigenous platform projects, such as the ATAK, ALTAY and ANKA.

In line with the SSM’s goals, Teknopark Istanbul also organises events with a vision of developing a supply-and-demand balance between companies and enhancing prime contractor-subcontractor relations. Furthermore, with the SAHA Istanbul Cluster that is part of its organisation, it also works to increase cooperation and communication between companies engaged in or with the potential to become engaged in defence, aviation and space. In addition, Teknopark Istanbul aims to provide support and guidance to companies with regards to certification and accreditation processes, which are considered as barriers to entry in the aviation industry.

Teknopark Istanbul also closely follows developments in the naval industry, contributing to the ongoing processes. Work for establishing a centre of excellence in the naval industry is continuing together with the relevant stakeholders, while foundations are being laid to form a cluster in the naval industry.  Teknopark Istanbul accommodates the offices of companies that design and provide engineering services to ships manufactured in the Tuzla Shipyards Area, which by itself accounts for more than 90% of Turkey’s ship exports. The Ministry of Economy has also decided to support this organisation, which brings together much of the industry’s R&D strength.

This year, together with the second stage blocks covering 84,000 square meters that will enter into service in the months of June and July; the number of R&D companies operating in Teknopark Istanbul will increase to 300, while the number of incubating enterprises will rise to 250, and the number of R&D personnel to nearly 4,000. Thus, with the completion of the second stage blocks, the total area of the Incubation Centre in ​​Teknopark Istanbul will reach 3,000 square meters.

Furthermore, several of the international centres for excellence established by domestic companies such as KordSA Global and Intertech were completed and put into service during 2016. In addition to the second stage construction activities, contracts have also been signed with companies and universities operating in the focus areas of Teknopark Istanbul, regarding the construction of the centres of excellence they intend to establish in the following two years; these contracts cover a total area of nearly ​​40,000 square meters. Once the other stages are completed, Teknopark Istanbul is set to become one of Europe’s largest and most qualified technoparks.

Concerning this second stage, Bilal Macit, General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul, shared the following messages with companies: “Evaluations for our second stage structures are continuing. We are waiting for qualified companies that wish to become part of our ecosystem in our technological areas of focus. Companies can now reserve their place at this leading innovation centre of Turkey.”


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