AKSA Run Flat Eyes the Global Market

18 Eylül 2018
AKSA Run Flat held meetings with many delegations throughout the exhibition.

AKSA Run Flat displayed a wide range of its products at the event, all of which have proven themselves in the field. Throughout the exhibition, the company held meetings with foreign land-vehicle manufacturers as well as with military delegations from various countries.

Although there are many run-flat system manufacturers in the world, AKSA Run Flat outrivals its competitors with its easy-to-mount products. As the existing run flat systems in the world require complex machinery and equipment for assembly and dismantling, various restrictions and logistic challenges may emerge during the changing of tyres, resulting in increased costs.

Furthermore, depending on the size of the trim, AKSA Run Flat products can be designed and produced in two or three separate pieces, which enables the assembly of the run-flat system with the tyre and trim through the use of simple hand tools and civilian tyre-changing machinery, which can be readily found all around the world.

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