AMETEK and AYYAZILIM Represented the Cooling Solutions for Different Platforms

17 Ocak 2019

AYYAZILIM, the Turkey Partner of AMETEK which is a specialized company in the cooling of electronic systems, organized a seminar entitled AMETEK Day on November 6, in Ankara. Throughout the seminar, AMETEK’s products, capabilities and solutions for electronic system and vehicle engine cooling needs are shared with the relevant professionals from the Turkish defense and aviation sector.  
The seminar was participated by the leading institutions and organizations in the defense and aerospace industry such as ASELSAN, FNSS, STM, Meteksan Defence, ROKETSAN, TUBITAK SPACE, Turkish Aerospace and Tümosan.

Topics of the seminar presentations were as follows:

  • Land and aerial platforms cooling solutions
  • Special purpose fans and special cooling solutions
  • Solutions for rocket, missile and aviation Systems
  • High-temperature resistant metal solutions designed for aviation applications
  • Aviation cooling systems

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AMETEK Emphasizes Secrecy and Nationality in Projects

In his opening speech, General Manager of AYYAZILIM Atilla Yenidoğan said: “AYYAZILIM is a company which has been working in the defense industry for 13 years. During this time, we have established various collaborations to grow faster and more effectively.  One of the most important of these business associations was the cooperation we started with the international company AMETEK. In this association, we are building a new approach that we believe will increase the added value with a different strategy rather than the classic representative company model. It is known that the era of a project approach which only based on trading is over. Nowadays, each project has its own critical performance and capability targets. This situation makes privacy even more important in terms of both our companies and superiority in the battlefield. We want to be able to incorporate the experience of the world into our projects while protecting the secrecy and nationality of your projects. There are many critical key points for performance, especially on special topics such as air platforms and the cooling of the power groups of land platforms.


Thanks to the business association we have established with AMETEK, we think that we can respond more effectively to the needs of our companies as we can localize value-added engineering solutions within the scope of AYYAZILIM. ”

AMETEK’s Sales Manager for Africa, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, Peter Fritsch gave an overview of AMETEK’s solutions for heat management in the field of defense and aviation, and said: “AMETEK is a global company that produces high-tech products. We are not catalog manufacturers. We do not compete with our prices; we offer solutions. First of all, we support you with our engineering capability throughout the project life cycle. If other suppliers do not provide support to you or your projects and they are trying to sell you their ready-made products in their catalogs instead of developing suitable solutions for you, or if you are rejected because of not purchasing thousands of pieces, come to us. If you need products in very low quantities, we support you. As we are a firm based on the engineering approach, we will be happy to offer you the right solution by reviewing your problem.

Paul Hammond, Business Development Leader of AMETEK Air Technology Group and John Hsu, Business Development Manager of AMETEK, delivered presentations for the company’s solutions in different areas.




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