ARES Fire Suppression Systems Offers Tailor Made Solutions for Different Requirements

11 Eylül 2019

You can read the news article published in the DSEI’19 Special Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


US based ARES Fire Suppression Systems LLC (AFSS) provides innovative solutions to the world with its’ dynamic engineers and experienced project directors. The company’s patented brand of ARES products, protects military vehicles and its crews from fires and explosions caused by any kind of reason such as a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) or Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) attacks.


AFSS develops and produces fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems for military land vehicles. ARES systems, protect different parts of a vehicle such as the body, tires, fuel tanks, ammunition racks, engine and crew compartment. ARES systems can detect an explosion or fire in 3 milliseconds, activates extinguishing cylinders in 10 milliseconds and completely extinguishes and suppresses the fire in 250 milliseconds. The system protects the crew and the vehicle against all kinds of fires from slow growing flames to explosions. Having successfully completed all the necessary false-alarm tests required to acquire a military level certification, ARES systems are compatible with STANAG 4317 and MIL PRF 62546C.



The cumulative engineering experience of its employees and the modular design of the ARES systems, let the AFSS provide an effective solution for each of its customers. After the selection of necessary components suitable for the customer needs, AFSS is able to integrate those components onto the vehicle, thanks to its years of engineering background. AFSS can also provide installation services.

The ARES system is comprised of three main components. These components, their functions and most prominent features are as follows:

  • Detectors: These components detect a fire or explosion through different means. The UV/IR Detectors has an optical sensor that detects the infrared emissions of a flame or the fireball of an explosion. Having the highest speed of detection and lowest false-alarm rate, UV/IR Detectors are used in the crew and engine compartments of the vehicle. Thanks to its’ advanced detection technologies, these systems can distinguish between real fires and false threats such as cigarette flames. AFSS also offers more cost-effective detection solutions for other parts of the vehicle. Among these, Continuous Heat Detectors are mostly suitable for the engine compartment of a vehicle. Able to detect fires multiple times, Continuous Heat Detectors does not need any maintenance for the complete lifecycle of the vehicle. Linear Heat Detector is even a more economic solution. This single use wire type solution detects the sudden increase of temperature to activate extinguishers and should be changed after a fire occurs.


  • Controller Units: The heart and brains of the ARES systems, this electronic unit receives signals from the detectors and automatically activates the necessary extinguishers. The latest version of this product the ARES IV Controller Unit, can be connected with 12 detectors and 12 extinguishers. The unit can also be used manually independent from the detectors and lets the vehicle crew activate extinguishers should any type of electronic fault occurs. With the innovative CANbus technology, the Control Units can communicate with other onboard systems on the vehicle.
  • Extinguishers: ARES systems utilise different types of extinguishers for different types of needs. With their quick response times Pyrotechnic Cylinders are suitable for crew and engine compartments. These cylinders use FM2000 gases as the fire extinguishing agent, which don’t possess any harmful effects against human health and nature. This agent is dispersed inside the vehicle via deflectors attached to the cylinders. Horizontal Cylinders on the other hand are more suitable for the vehicle body, tires and fuel tanks. Containing AFFF, a liquid type extinguishing agent, these cylinders are especially designed for vehicles conducting riot control operations. The fires caused by Molotov cocktails during those operations can easily be put out with Horizontal Cylinders. Extinguishers of ARES systems, may become clogged for various reasons such as lack of maintenance. To counter this, ARES systems continuously check the extinguishers for any kind of obstruction and should any failure occurs in any one of the extinguishers, the Control Unit activates other extinguishers in the relevant part of the vehicle.

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