ASELSAN Increases Emphasis on Medical Devices

8 Aralık 2018
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Alper ÇALIK /

In a press bulletin released on October 19, ASELSAN announced that it has launched a cooperation with Biosys Biomedical for the development of intensive care ventilator (artificial respiration) devices.

Aiming to breathe new life to the medical device sector and to lead the production of medical devices in Turkey through the engineering know-how it has acquired in the defence and aerospace sector, ASELSAN intends with this collaboration to manufacture indigenously, from now on, the innovative and internationally competitive products that are already present on the market.

As a result of this collaboration, Turkey will become one of the six countries in the world producing such ventilators, for which annual sales worldwide are in the environs of $4 billion.

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As one of the most important devices supporting vital functions, ventilators provide respiration support by ensuring a controllable flow of gas into the patient’s respiratory tract. Following chronic respiratory failure, patients may need supportive treatment during their stay on emergency wards or in post-surgery intensive care,  and mechanical ventilation constitutes one of the main types of supportive treatment that such patients may require.

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