ASELSAN’s Success in M60T Tank Modernisation Leads an Additional Order

12 Eylül 2018

ASELSAN, the prime contractor in the FIRAT-M60T project, has received an additional order from the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) for the modernisation of all of the M60T tanks in its inventory, following the success of the previous modernisation programme in the ongoing Olive Branch Operation and in antiterrorism operations.

ASELSAN entered into an additional agreement with the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) worth €96.7 million and ₺25 million for the same project. Amendment No. 1 brings the value of the agreements inked to date to €206 million and ₺50 million. Deliveries within the agreement will be made between 2018 and 2020.

The PULAT Active Protection System will also be integrated onto the M60T tanks. Capable of detecting anti-tank missiles directed at the platform through its radar, PULAT launches anti-threat ammunition to destroy the missile at an appropriate distance before it hits the platform. The system proved itself during firing tests carried out in the first half of this year, demonstrating its ability to destroy many missiles coming from different angles at the same time thanks to its distributed architecture.

Systems Proving themselves in the Field

The FIRAT-M60T Project, launched last year, aims at protecting M60T main battle tanks from anti-tank threats and terrorism elements, and creating additional capacity within the available systems. The related contract was signed during last year’s IDEF exhibition. As the result of the works carried out under the project to date, a large number of M60T tanks have been modernised in less than a year. The firepower of the tanks at close and medium range has been significantly improved with the addition of an integrated SARP stabilised advanced remote weapon platform. The survivability of the tanks has also been taken up a notch with the addition of a spall liner and fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems.

Being actively employed in the ongoing Olive Branch Operation, the modernised tanks that have been delivered to the Turkish Land Forces, were subjected to rigorous field tests directly by military personnel. The related press release issued by ASELSAN read: “The tank personnel attending the Olive Branch Operation and Operation Euphrates Shield commented that after being modernised by ASELSAN, the tanks had performed superbly against anti-tank guided missiles and the operational capacity of the tanks had been improved for urban warfare.”

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