Atesci: A Story of Success in the Design and Production of Ammunition Machines

11 Eylül 2019
ATESCI_03 - C - Atesci

You can read the news article published in the DSEI’19 Special Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


Atesci is a manufacturer of ammunition production machines. Atesci has been in this field of ammunition business for over 17 years. In the early years Atesci started by manufacturing lead-based products for the hunting industry. Its first products were lead shots, buckshot and slugs and it commercialized these products in domestic and international markets. Besides all these Atesci has designed and developed a lead processing plant of its own, for the main material of hunting ammunition is lead wire. Lead wire extrusion plant was among the first machinery that led Atesci into being a machine producer. With its unique design of lead shot production plant Atesci enjoyed the taste of being an inventor and a designer. This success was followed by other machinery used in the production of hunting ammunition.

Realizing the surge of demand for machinery in the ammunition production industry, Atesci changed its attention towards designing and manufacturing those machinery. So Atesci made its first expansion in the field of design capacity by restructuring the company as an engineering design company. After the successful addition of this design team into its ranks Atesci started collecting the fruits of new machinery designs. Due to their unique designs, this machinery became highly demanded in domestic and international markets in a short time. In complement to design accomplishments, lead based ammunition components also laid the way for Atesci to enter the military ammunition industry.


tooling - C - AtesciFMJ Press Comes into Life

Taking into account the lead-based component demands of the Defence Industry, Atesci diversified its product range with a series of ammunition machinery such as Lead Core Press, Case Grooving and Trimming machines. Accumulating experience over time Atesci steered itself towards designing a more complicated machine of Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) press of its own which contributed a lot to Atesci’s machinery inventory. Subsequently, Atesci took part in the production of ammunition components such as FMJ bullets based on the demand in the market. This process went on for several years after 2012 which provided Atesci with invaluable experience on manufacturing ammunition components with machines of its own design and production. After getting involved in ammunition production by operating the machinery Atesci itself designed and manufactured, its machinery collection kept on growing with each passing day, thanks to the experience and knowledge attained.

Meanwhile Atesci designed, manufactured and supplied a large number of individual machines from its early inventory to all around the world including USA, Canada and European countries. Atesci machines are now running in various companies in Indiana, Wisconsin, Idaho, Arkansas and Utah in the USA an also in Canada, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Philippines, India, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, El Salvador and Namibia.


atesci2 - C - AtesciComplete Ammunition Lines

In the course of time accumulating all and necessary competence, Atesci indulged more in designing and building other machines that an ammunition production line is composed of. First machines to follow the FMJ press were loading machines, annealing and washing units. In 2016 Atesci has completed the 9×19 mm cartridge line including case, FMJ and loading sections with all their machinery as its own design and production. In 2017 state of Qatar presented Atesci with the opportunity as the country launched an initiative to build an ammunition production plant for small and medium calibres. Atesci diligently manufactured all necessary machinery for 9×19 and 5.56×45, 7.62×51 and 7.62×39 mm ammunition production lines and completed their installations successfully.

Atesci presently has the capacity to build interlinking ammunition lines by manufacturing all the machinery, presses and automated machines as well as the mould and punch sets that are part of those machinery. As a result of this competence Atesci won its second state tender of 9×19 mm ammunition production line from KOF of Pakistan. The line is under construction and installation is planned to be started as of January 15, 2020.



Affordable Costs, Reliable Quality and Short Lead Times

Since 2017 Atesci has concentrated on turn-key projects for ammunition production lines. Being a relatively new member of an old established ammunition industry of the 19th century, Atesci is in the market now competing with prominent fellow companies in all respects by taking advantage of its internal dynamism, design superiority and being located in the in the hearth of Turkey’s defence industry in Ankara. In addition to affordable costs and reliable quality with shorter lead times Atesci added one more aspect to this competition by designing and developing all of the machinery of an ammunition production line. This capability provides a potential customer to acquire everything required to start ammunition production from only one supplier including supporting machinery which are usually outsourced such as 100% Inspection Unit, Mouth Annealing Unit, Tip painting Unit, Eye Inspection Unit, Packaging Unit etc. All these advantages enable Atesci to offer faster and cost-effective solutions in comparison to its competitors. Atesci keeps a close eye on the market and is well aware of the current needs and requirements in the sector.

atesci6 - C - Atesci

Atesci is situated in the largest Industrial Zone of the region in Ankara, which houses more than 20,000 factories, with access to hundreds of subcontractors in this region. Designing all the machinery and equipment in-house, it assembles the mechanical parts, which are outsourced to outstanding and qualified subcontractors. Quality control standards are vigorously applied in every stage throughout the production and assembly processes, ensuring that the final products are well above the customer’s expectations. Despite being a relatively new company, Atesci has reached a position where it can compete with long established ammunition line producers by taking advantage of its internal dynamism, design superiority and co-location in the Industrial Zone. These advantages enable the company to offer faster and cost-effective solutions in comparison to its competitors.

Atesci participates in defence exhibitions of IDEF in Istanbul, DSEI in London, Eurosatory in Paris and DSA Kuala Lumpur once every two years and every year in the exhibitions of Shot Show in Las Vegas and IWA in Germany and exhibits its machinery for visitors in a close follow-up on the latest developments and progresses. Atesci also attends to international trade shows of the Defence and Weapons Industry. Realizing large ammunition production line projects in the international arena, Atesci provides services on installation of ammunition factories, their modernizations and capacity increases.

With the progress Atesci is accomplishing every year and relying on its creativity and dynamic design capabilities it is aiming for the sky. So, Atesci intends to take a better stance in the ammunition sector by evolving into a versatile, multifaceted and multidisciplinary company. This means that Atesci displays this new approach of being a provider of complete lines in all aspects. Coupling with the Integrated Project Approach or Holistic Approach all these will develop the company into a solution partner in provision of all other elements in addition to machinery.

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