Ateşçi for All Services, from the Establishment to Operation of Ammunition Lines

21 Eylül 2018

The special coverage published in the 58th issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review (TDR) is below:


Ateşçi came to Eurosatory for the first time to promote its turn-key solutions in small arms ammunition production with a view to enhancing its presence in Europe. The company’s products are currently in the inventories of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Italy and Serbia.

We were able to take a few minutes from the busy schedule of Bahadır Çilingir, Commercial Manager at Ateşçi, during the event to talk about the company’s exhibition agenda and recent activities.

Stating that Ateşçi is one of only five or six companies in the world operating in the establishment of production lines for small arms ammunition components such as casings and bullets, Çilingir said that they are unrivalled when it comes to the production of a specific type of ammunition. He said that Ateşçi is the only company in the world that is capable of establishing any kind of custom-designed machinery for the production of specific ammunitions, as well as of producing the related moulds. Emphasising the quality of their mould sets, Çilingir said, “The moulds produced by our competitors allow the production of only 600,000–700,000 units, whereas we have seen our moulds pass the 20 million mark.”

Another distinguishing feature of the company is that it not only establishes production lines, but also operates them and provides personnel training throughout the process, giving investors an easy means of entering the small arms ammunition production business, said Çilingir.


Qatar Now Produces its Own Ammunition

Receiving intensive demand for its products and services in the Middle Eastern market, Ateşçi has already completed the establishment of ammunition lines in Qatar. In recent weeks, firing tests conducted using the 9×19 mm pistol rounds produced on these lines have been completed, and once the necessary certification processes have been completed, the lines will start being used for serial production. The same facility will due to begin production also of 5.56×45 mm rifle cartridges in the months to come and 12.7×99 mm heavy machine gun cartridges next year. Çilingir emphasised that even the Turkish private sector lacks the capability to produce heavy machine-gun cartridges, stating that thanks to the production lines they had established in Qatar, the country has eliminated its foreign dependency in terms of casings and bullets.


Export-based Growth Paves the Way for Domestic Market

Ateşçi is one of the few companies in Turkey that has grown primarily due to its foreign sales and then focused on activities addressing the local market. The company has recently entered into negotiations with an unnamed Turkish company that has intensified its ammunition production efforts, and that has so far procured single machines for the production of bullets. Çilingir said that they would be ready to start establishing ammunition lines for serial production once the said company received the related production licences. Ateşçi has already completed the establishment of production lines for casings and bullets for an unnamed company based outside Ankara.

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