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Boeing Celebrated Centennial in Istanbul

17 Kasım 2016

Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company operating in the fields of commercial jetliners and military systems, has been celebrating its centennial, which is proclaimed as July 15, 2016, with a series of events it has been organising in various cities around the world.

As part of these activities, Marc Allen, Senior Vice President of Boeing and the President of Boeing International, paid visits to the representatives of the government, industry and universities in Ankara and Istanbul between September 21 and 22.

During the same visit programme, Ayşem Sargın Işıl, Managing Director and Country Executive of Boeing Turkey, hosted Marc Allen and the accompanying delegation together with a select group of Turkish industrialists and businessmen, university representatives and media members at a dinner held at Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus in İstanbul on September 22.

Among the guests were Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, Chairman of the Board of Zorlu Holding; Osman Okyay, Head of Technical and Chemistry Department at Kale Group; Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, President and CEO of TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc.); Mehmet Tevfik Nane, President and CEO of Pegasus Airlines; İbrahim Özkol, Vice Rector of Istanbul Technical University; and, from the media, representatives of the national dailies Hürriyet, Sabah, HaberTürk and of MSI Turkish Defence Review.

Ayşem Sargın Işıl, who welcomed the guests, noted that Boeing has been operating in Turkey for 70 years, which represents a considerable portion of the company’s 100-year history. She added “I see Boeing as a part of Turkish Aviation Family.”

Marc Allen, who also gave a speech during the dinner, said that Boeing has, for a century, preserved its entrepreneurial spirit that has brought many innovative products to the aviation industry. He added that flying nine million people safely everyday is a great responsibility, and that they manage to bear this responsibility thanks to their stakeholders. Allen stated that he visited the facilities of TAI, one of these stakeholders, in the morning, and that he was very impressed with what he saw there.

Allen’s speech focused on the importance of stakeholders and the concept of Customer Inspired Innovation. It seems that in the days to come, we are likely to observe an increase in Boeing’s operations in Turkey, as well as a growing emphasis on the company’s space operations at a global scale.boeing_aysem_isil_sargin_site_jpeg

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