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Boeing-Saab Solution to Meet the Training Aircraft Needs

17 Kasım 2016
T-X Dry Run Pre-Event_Darrell Davis_Media Kit Select Files_Static A/C Bldg 75_MCF16-0059 Series_RMS#302077_09/12/2016

Boeing and its partner Saab, which had proposed an all-new aircraft in the tender opened by the US Air Force for selecting the training aircraft to replace the T-38 aircraft, revealed the Boeing T-X aircraft on September 13. The Boeing T-X aircraft has a single engine, twin tails, tandem seating and an advanced cockpit, similar to those of next generation combat aircraft, with embedded training. The system also offers a ground-based training system to support pilot training. The aircraft was jointly developed by Boeing and Saab in accordance with the agreement they had signed in 2013.

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