Eurasia Airshow, Turkey’s First Show-Based Aerospace Exhibition, Hosts Sector Representatives and Aviation Lovers in Antalya

6 Temmuz 2018
1525081147_Turk_Yildizlari_2 - C - Eurasia Airshow


Eurasia Airshow was held in Antalya on April 25–29 as the first show-based aerospace event in Turkey. Organised by Medyacity under the auspices of the Presidency and with the support of many prominent institutions in Turkey, the event has broken new ground.

Despite its growing aerospace sector, Turkey has been lacking a periodic event involving air displays for many years. Organised by Medyacity with the aim of filling this gap, Eurasia Airshow has proven that such an organisation can be held with wide participation, and the result was a promising event for the future, despite some inconveniences that were perhaps related to the fact that this was the exhibition’ first outing.

Around 130,000 people visited the event, which included also public days. The participants included officials and representatives of companies from 63 countries.


Continues on pg. 12 in June 2018 / 056 issue.

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