FNSS Continues to Support Users of 30 Years with Integrated Logistic Support Solutions

20 Mayıs 2019

FNSS responds to the needs of numerous land platform users worldwide, making a difference not only with the superior survivability, mobility and firepower of its vehicles, but also the integrated logistic support (ILS) solutions it offers to its users. For 30 years, the company has been providing uninterrupted support for all of its vehicles, including the very first ones delivered years ago.

Each one of FNSS’ customers include armed and security forces of nations with the highest standards and greatest expectations, and the company follows the world’s leading standards and practices in its ILS works. The company reflects its 30 years of experience on its ILS activities, which include a very wide range of solutions such as working together with local partners, supporting the vehicles directly during operations, establishing local offices, and Government Owned Company Operated (GOCO) model.


FNSS meticulously carries out the following as part of its ILS activities:

  • Preparation of Technical Data Packages in line with user requests, and management of these packages as live and continuously updated documents throughout the life cycle of its products.
  • Preparation of comprehensive Technical Training Packages, which are developed after analysing the user needs, and are kept easily accessible and understandable for greater utility. In addition to training the personnel who will use and maintain its vehicles, FNSS also offers programmes for the training of instructors. Moreover, it can also prepare technical documentation that take into account the user’s level and the maintenance work involved, and which can also be interactive if desired, and then deliver this documentation together with the vehicles.
  • Offering of user-focused technical services under any circumstances and throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. The range of technical services offered include: Troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services; data collection and registration (DCR), data analysis and design improvement; interactive remote maintenance services; depot-level maintenance services; provision of spare parts from original equipment manufacturers; and the supply of special kits and testing equipment.


FNSS’ ILS-related works address the entire product life cycle of vehicles, starting from the very beginning of the product development phase, and providing continuous support until

the decommissioning stage of the vehicles. ILS activities also cover the provision of spare parts, technical support and technical documentation updates performed both during and after the warranty period, as well as optional user training and maintenance training programmes.



Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, defines ILS as the unspoken hero behind user satisfaction: “FNSS found prospective users for the PARS product family in more than one country even before these vehicles had made it into the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory. Aside from the superior characteristics of our vehicles, an important factor behind this success was the high level of satisfaction our other users expressed concerning their ILS experience, which made them act as references in this regard. It is possible that a vehicle designed and manufactured by FNSS may not have yet entered the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory, but even if this is the case there is one thing our users can always be certain of: FNSS supports any vehicle it delivers until its last day in the inventory. We have shown this time and again, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

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