FNSS Launches PARS 4×4 Anti-Tank Vehicle Developed for ATV Project at Eurosatory 2018

14 Haziran 2018

Developed by FNSS to meet the needs of Turkish Land Forces Command, the PARS 4×4 Anti-Tank Vehicle (ATV) makes its first world appearance at Eurosatory 2018, where one of the two prototypes of the vehicle produced for qualification tests is being displayed at the FNSS stand, giving visitors to the event the opportunity to inspect up close a fully mission-equipped vehicle. The two prototypes, produced as part of the ATV project, will spend the coming months undergoing qualification tests once the manufacturer’s verification tests have been completed.

The PARS 4×4 ATV has been devised as a vehicle that offers both speed and high manoeuvrability under all terrain conditions, with sufficient firepower to destroy enemy tanks and other armoured units from a distance, and with the ability to engage second targets following a rapid change of position. Drawing upon its vast experience and innovative approach, FNSS has come up with a very special amphibious vehicle that is capable of meeting these challenging requirements simultaneously.

Most noteworthy among the PARS 4×4 ATV’s features is the positioning of its power pack at the rear of the vehicle. With the placement of cooling grate and exhaust on the upper body, this positioning allows the vehicle to go amphibious without prior preparation, thus granting it the best amphibious capabilities in its class and further allows the PARS 4×4 to manoeuvre at higher speeds. All these features, which can only be expected from a vehicle with a rear-positioned power pack, grants the PARS 4×4 with critical capabilities in moving away rapidly after launching an attack.

The outstanding capabilities of the PARS 4×4 ATV can be listed as follows:

  • Mobility: The PARS 4×4 features an axle and steering system that is designed to give the vehicle a small turning radius, while the long suspension movement range enhances the vehicle’s performance over rough terrain. Although the PARS 4×4 is an amphibious vehicle, no concessions have been made in the vehicle’s ballistic or mine protection levels.
  • Situational Awareness: The rear positioning of the power pack gives the driver a wide field of vision, while the integrated camera system provides the driver with full forward and rear situational awareness.
  • Survivability: The PARS 4×4 has been designed with superior ballistic and mine protection, and uses special armour material that ensure weight optimisation. The rear positioning of the power pack also helps reduce the vehicle’s thermal signature.
  • Weapon System: The PARS 4×4 is armed with an unmanned, remote-controlled anti-tank turret, also of FNSS design. In addition to ballistic protection, the turret also has two anti-tank missiles and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The turret recently performed its first firing test with the anti-tank missile, during which it successfully hit its target at maximum range

Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, said that the PARS 4×4 marks the beginning of a new era in anti-tank vehicles: “FNSS closely follows both developments and user requirements around the world, and as a result of these efforts, we came up with the PARS 4×4 concept that we presented for the first time at IDEF 2017. Following the signing of our contract with the user, we readied this concept, along with its turret, for qualification tests, completely from scratch. This has allowed us to roll out a vehicle that is peerless in the world. The PARS 4×4 stands as yet further evidence of FNSS’ engineering strength and tailored capabilities. With the introduction of the PARS 4×4 into the inventory, we are certain that it will become a force multiplier that changes all the equations, first for Turkish Land Forces Command, and later, for friendly and allied nations.”



Engine: Diesel

Transmission: Fully Automatic

Crew Capacity: 4

Length: 5 m

Width: 2.6 m

Height (Hull): 2.1 m

Suspension System: Double Wishbone, Independent, Coil Springs

Braking System: Hydraulic and ABS with in All Wheels

Protection Systems

  • CBRN Protection System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System
  • Blast and Leakage Protected Fuel Tanks
  • Modular Armour
  • Mine Blast-Resistant Seats
  • Smoke Grenade Launchers



Maximum Road Speed: 110 km/h

Swimming Speed: 6.5 km/h

Maximum Road Range: 700+ km

Gradient: 70%

Side Slope: 40%

Vertical Obstacle: 40 cm

Trench Crossing: 80 cm

Turning Radius: 7.5 m

Air Transportation: C-130, A400M, C-17, C-5



Turret: Remote Controlled Anti-Tank Turret (RCAT)

Main Armament: 2 Guided Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

Secondary Armament: 7.62 mm Machine Gun

Ready Rounds: 500

Weapon/Turret Drive System: Electric Drive with Two-Axis Stabilisation

Traverse Axis: 360° Continuous

Elevation Axis: -250 to +250

Deck Clearance: Automatic and Programmable

Sight System:

  • Mid Wave or Long Wave Thermal Camera
  • Day Camera
  • Laser Range Finder with 10,000 m Range

Fire Control System:

  • Fire Control Computer
  • Automatic Super-Elevation and Lead Angle Computation


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