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HAVELSAN Hosts Brigadier General El-Ghanim, Qatar’s Chief of General Staff

29 Eylül 2016

Brigadier General Ghanim bin Shaheen El-Ghanim, Qatar’s Chief of General Staff, paid a visit to HAVELSAN as part of his program in Ankara during the month of August. HAVELSAN, which is currently conducting the AW139 Simulator Centre Project for the training of helicopter pilots of the Qatar Air Force, had the opportunity to show Brigadier General El-Ghanim the Full Mission Simulator developed within the scope of this project. In this project, HAVELSAN has already completed the deliveries for the Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer, the Cabin Team Training Simulator, the Debriefing System and the Tactical Control Centre. The Full Mission Simulator, on the other hand, will be kept at HAVELSAN’s Ankara facilities until the completion of the necessary infrastructure in Qatar, and in the meantime Qatari pilots will continue their training at these facilities. During his visit, Brigadier General El-Ghanim met with Qatari instructors and pilots, and also made a flight on the Full Flight Simulator. After this flight session, Brigadier General El-Ghanim was presented with a flight certificate and brevet to commemorate this flight.

Accompanied by Yüksel Öztekin, Chairman of the Board of Directors at HAVELSAN; Taner Düvenci, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at HAVELSAN; and Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, HAVELSAN General Manager and CEO, Brigadier General El-Ghanim inspected the company’s Cyber Defence Technologies Centre.

During the month of August, there was also news of a new contract for HAVELSAN. The contract for the Electronic Warfare Test and Training Range (EHTES) Logistic Support project (LDP) was signed between the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and HAVELSAN on August 10. Within the scope of the project, HAVELSAN will provide Performance-Based Logistic Support (PBLS) for a period of five years to the Konya Firing Range, the Tersakan Firing Range and the 3rd Main Jet Base. With its turn-key PDLD design, the EHTES LDP will represent a first for the Turkish Defence Industry.

Following its design by HAVELSAN and delivery to the Turkish Air Force in 1998, the EHTES’ operation, management and update (including the integration of new threat systems) was being carried out by HAVELSAN until 2013. In a statement on the subject, HAVELSAN reminded that the company has established electronic warfare ranges in Pakistan and the Korean Republic, as well as a firing range in Saudi Arabia, and that this latest contract signed by SSM will serve as a reference when working with foreign customers.

Yet more news from the month of August regarding HAVELSAN concerns the readiness for launch of the HAVELSAT. The HAVELSAT and BeEagleSat cube satellites, which were designed and produced through joint studies between HAVELSAN and Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), have successfully passed their pre-launch tests. These satellites were developed as part of the European Union’s QB50 project, and will be launched to the US International Space Station. The satellites will then be released in space using the space station’s special launchers. The launch is expected to take place in the last quarter of the year. In a statement released on August 22 regarding the subject, HAVELSAN explained that the project gave the company the opportunity to acquire new capabilities in the areas of Mission Computer Software, Orientation Control Systems, Satellite Ground Control Stations, and that they plan to use these capabilities in indigenous satellite projects.

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