HAVELSAN Strengthens Collaborations for a Stronger Turkey

24 Ocak 2018

Held for the first time on October 1, 2014 with the theme of “Stronger Collaboration, Growing Domestic Contribution”, the second Business Ecosystem Buluştay (a type of meeting whose name is derived from the combination of the Turkish words Buluşma and Çalıştay, which respectively mean Meeting and Workshop) was organised by HAVELSAN in Ankara on December 7, with the slogan “Joining Forces and Strong Collaboration for a Stronger Turkey”. The meeting highlighted the developments that have taken place since the last event, some of which are mirrored in its slogan, as well as the ground covered by HAVELSAN and its business partners.

Continues on pg. 06 in January 2018 / 048 issue.

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