HAVELSAN’s Collaboration with Qatar Expands to Cybersecurity

4 Aralık 2018

Alper ÇALIK / milscint.com

Conducting many recent projects in the field of military training and simulation technologies in Qatar, HAVELSAN is further deepening its presence within the country through a new collaboration in the field of cybersecurity. In this context, HAVELSAN has signed a new cooperation agreement with the Qatar-based AL MESNED International Holding with a view of establishing a company to meet Qatar’s cybersecurity needs. At a ceremony held on October 17, the said contract was signed by Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, President and CEO of HAVELSAN, and Ali Bin Abdulatif Al Mesned, Chairman of AL MESNED Holding.

On the same day, HAVELSAN also announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Pakistan’s MSL company as part of the half-life modernisation effort for the second AGOSTA 90B submarine in the Pakistan Navy’s inventory.


Official Confirmation of HVL KALKAN’s Indigenousness

Another important development for HAVELSAN in the month of October was the receipt of an Indigenous Production Certificate for HVL KALKAN, the company’s web application firewall and load balancer product. This confirmation of the indigenousness of HVL KALKAN was announced on HAVELSAN’s website with a press release shared on October 4. The statement highlighted that the product was developed entirely through indigenous means, together with the business partners in HAVELSAN’s business ecosystem, and noted that the product constitutes Turkey’s first web application firewall and load balancer product.

HVL KALKAN can be used to effectively detect and block attacks against web applications, the number one target for cyberattacks, while also ensuring load balancing in the event of very high levels of network traffic. Specially designed for the protection of web applications, HVL KALKAN can also prevent attacks that cannot be detected by such software as classical firewalls and attack prevention systems.

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