İNDES Turns its Mechanical and Electromechanical Design Capabilities into Products that Serve in the Field

13 Mayıs 2019
Melih Bey Fotograf - C - INDES1

You can read the content published in the IDEF 2019 Special Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


İNDES is a company with noted experience in the defence and aerospace sector as well as advanced mechanical and electromechanical design capabilities based on a vertical expertise model. With its entrepreneurial spirit and the multidisciplinary engineering studies in which it is engaged, İNDES is assuming the role of solution partner, delivering turnkey services in the design, manufacture, assembly and integration projects of numerous different prime contractors.


Placing greater emphasis today on its productisation efforts, the company is now seeking to further develop and expand its capabilities, indigenous products and projects through new collaborations. The İNDES’ productisation strategy is based on the development of high added value products, with the main areas of activity including the following:

  • Mechanical and Electromechanical System Design and Simulation
  • Special Purpose Mechanical and Electromechanical Testing Systems
  • Modular and Mobile Hybrid Power Generation and Energy Storage Systems
  • Heating/Cooling Units and Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Flight Line Transportation/Loading and Ground Support Equipments
  • Mechanical and Electronic Production, Assembly and Integration
İNDES always delivers its products following tests that involve extensive contacts and interactions with the user.

İNDES always delivers its products following tests that involve extensive contacts and interactions with the user.


Melih Özkan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of İNDES, described their intense product development efforts in line with the Presidency of Defence Industries’ (SSB) sectoral strategies: “Our capabilities in mechanical and electromechanical design is what makes us different. With this capability, we at İNDES are taking part as a solution partner in the projects of such leading companies as ASELSAN, Roketsan, TÜBİTAK SAGE and SDT. In none of our design projects do we say to our customers, ‘We have designed and produced, so our task is done’. We do much more than that, carrying out R&D and design for the product, and then building and testing the prototype. Some of these tests are carried out not just in a laboratory environment, but in the field with the involvement of the user. The user sees, touches and uses the products, and if there is an additional feature it desires, we can add it to the vehicle. In short, we hand them a turnkey solution. That said, our services are not limited to this, as we also provide logistic support in the field for the products we design. To maintain and repair İNDES-made products, our team is ready to travel to bases and outposts that are hard to reach by vehicle. We always strive to improve upon what we have already achieved. To further hone and sharpen our expertise in mechanical and electromechanical design, we have embraced a principle of gaining vertical expertise in this area. We are in a process of constant self-improvement, but we never say ‘I can do any type of work that comes by’. We are aware of how important it is to develop and maintain your own products. While our products are the key to our growth, we are fully aware that our driving force will always be our mechanical and design capabilities.”


İNDES launches its product development efforts with R&D.

İNDES launches its product development efforts with R&D.


Operations to Continue at OSTİM Teknopark

As a member of the OSSA and OSTİM clusters, İNDES has signed an R&D Workshop agreement with Ostim Teknopark involving the allocation of a new facility to the company. Architectural and mechanical works have already begun within the facility, and the company will be moving its headquarters to this new address in July. All investments on this new place, which will have all the necessary facility security infrastructure, will be completed by the end of 2019. İNDES’ new facility will feature R&D and engineering offices, an ESD-protected electromechanical assembly and integration laboratory, a dark room (optical testing room) and a prototype workshop for mechanical production. From its new facility, the company is planning to further elaborate the innovative and turnkey mechanical and electromechanical design and production solutions it offers, and to eventually engage in exports.

İNDES has the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to produce all of the products that it designs.

İNDES has the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to produce all of the products that it designs.


Humans are our Most Valuable Asset

Speaking about İNDES’ plan to pursue human resource development efforts, Özkan described their approach as follows: “There is something I should first emphasise: We implement at İNDES a type of human resource policies that the defence and aerospace sector is not really used to, with full awareness that humans are our most valuable asset. Regardless of what we do and achieve, we do it together with our colleagues in the team. Yes, there are times when we work at a very rapid pace; but we always strive to keep the motivation of our colleagues at the highest level. There are even times when we send them abroad for vacations.”

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