Interview: Alican ÖKÇÜN, Chairman of the Board of Nero Industries

14 Mart 2019
12 - C - Nero Endustri

“We have become Turkey’s single largest subsystem supplier in the field of land vehicles.”


Having supplied its various subsystems to many of the land vehicles that the Turkish defence sector has rolled out in recent times, Nero Industries has started to take bold steps in the field of exports as well. The company has concluded the year with great success, thanks to the domestic and foreign sales it notched up and has started to reap the rewards of its investments on Standart Test, which has been the company’s focus. We had the opportunity to discuss the company’s on-going projects as well as its new investments and products with Alican Ökçün, Chairman of the Board at Nero Industries, and Öznur Ökçün, General Manager of Standart Test.


Continues on pg. 44 in February 2019 / 065 issue.

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