Interview: Eray Gökalp, General Manager of BNA

19 Ekim 2017

“Our intention is to become tier-1 system provider for all critical systems involving control.”

Founded in November 2015, Nurol BAE Systems Air Systems Inc. (BNA), is one of the newest players in the ever-developing Turkish defence and aerospace industry. Established based on the same model as FNSS – another joint venture between Nurol Holding and BAE Systems that is regarded as one of the most successful joint ventures in the land vehicles industry, not just in Turkey but also across the world – BNA continues to carry out activities in the fields of engineering, R&D, system development and production, and high technology system integration, all of them addressing the defence and aerospace industry. We spoke with Eray Gökalp, General Manager of BNA, about the operations and future plans of BNA, which describes its corporate vision as “Becoming a preferred partner in local and international market with its aviation-focused best-valued products and capabilities developed in Turkey.”


Continues on pg. 38 in October 2017 / 044 issue.

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