Interview: Jorge Garcia-Monedero, General Manager for Navantia Turkey Branch Office

8 Eylül 2016

Navantia has been selected for Landing Platform Dock (LPD) Project, with a design based on Spanish Navy’s Juan Carlos I, works as the subcontractor of Sedef Shipbuilding in the project. Meanwhile, Navantia is also exploring possible future projects in Turkey. We talked with Jorge Garcia-Monedero, General Manager for Navantia Turkey Branch Office, about Navantia’s current activities in Turkey and its future plans.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: Construction of LPD ANADOLU has officially started with the ceremony held on April 30. Can you summarize the schedule of the project from Navantia’a point of view?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: The ceremony held on 30th April sets the “first stone” of this huge project together with our Turkish partners; it is always nice to be able to celebrate events as important and this one. The support that the project has received from all the related parties as well as the Turkish authorities has been outstanding, the Turkish President with two Ministers and the Turkish Navy Commander among others, represent the importance of the project in this country. The next milestone, was on May 18 when the shipyard completed the cutting of the first 1000 tons of steel. The real construction of the ship will start on September this year and then we will be able to see the first blocks of the ship around the shipyard.

Navantia is working very closely with our partner Sedef in order to finalise the functional and detail design on time, and assure the fulfilment of the challenging schedule we have in front of us for this strategic project.

Since March we have established the Navantia Resident Team (NRT) in Sedef with the first four engineers that will support Sedef’s team with technical assistance and will facilitate the working relationship with the shipyard’s technical team. The NRT will receive two more members before the end of the year and will reach up to 8 members in the busiest time of the schedule.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: Can you list the main differences between LHD “Juan Carlos I”, the Canberra class LHDs of Australia and LPD ANADOLU?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: The most relevant difference comes from the Combat Management System (CMS) which in this case is provided by the joint venture formed by the Turkish companies ASELSAN and HAVELSAN.

In terms of the platform, the electric plant has been changed from the reference design to 5 diesel generators of the same type, instead of 1 turbo generator and 2 diesel generators.

There are many other changes due to the specific requirements of this project in order to cover the needs of the Turkish Navy as well as a clear intention to increase the local content as far as feasible.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: The LPD project also has an industrial participation dimension. Can you update our readers about the current state of your local partnerships? Have you met with all local partners, or are you still in search of new partners for particular subsystems?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: As part of the contract with SEDEF we agreed to enter into an Industrial Participation and Offset (IP/O) agreement with Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) in order to support the overall local participation. We are already working with local engineering companies, DELTAMARINE is already deeply involved in the design through one of our engineering subcontractors, and we are trying to finalize the agreement for cooperation in the Integrated Platform Management System with AYESAS.

We are also looking very closely at the Turkish naval suppliers in order to include them into our usual list of homologated vendors, therefore every time we issue a tender for any equipment or material the Turkish suppliers will be able to participate.

In any case, we are always open to receive possible new partners or suppliers.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: What are future plans of Navantia in Turkey?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: In terms of future market in Turkey, we are waiting for the next few important tenders from SSM, like the TF2000 frigate for the Turkish Navy, the hospital ship for the Ministry of Health, as well as some others in cooperation with our local partners. And last but not least, we hope to be able to sit down and discuss a second LPD in the short term, the President even mentioned a third, and a bigger, one.

Our office will be shortly supporting the commercial efforts of Navantia in the Turkish area of influence and maybe the Middle East.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: Can you inform us about the up-to-date status of the F-110 frigate project?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: The Spanish Navy plans the replacement of its Santa Maria class frigates, expected to occur around 2025, but the F-110 frigate is not only focused on the replacement of the Santa María class frigates but also in providing the solution for facing the latest threats and the future expected missions.

From the beginning, Navantia has been tightly cooperating with the Spanish Navy in the requirements development for a 21st century frigate and last year Navantia signed a contract with the Spanish MoD for the development of the Project Definition Phase. In parallel, a set of Technological Programs have been initiated in order to acquire the latest innovations to be incorporated in the F-110 program.

Now the program is running according with the planned schedule.

Naile BAYRAKTAR: Is there any other subject that you want to mention?

Jorge GARCIA-MONEDERO: It is always a pleasure to receive MSI in our office, feel free to come back anytime you wish.

On behalf of our readers, we would like to thank Jorge Garcia-Monedero, General Manager for Navantia Turkey Branch Office, for taking the time to answer our questions and for providing us with such valuable information.

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