Interview: Kazım ÜNAL, General Manager of Menatek

1 Nisan 2019

“We function as a bridge between the prime contractors and parts manufacturers in the military land vehicles sector. Our next target is productisation.”


Standing out with the numerous parts it has manufactured and tested for military land vehicles, Menatek positions itself as a bridge between the prime contractors and parts manufacturers. The company enhances the business potential of manufacturers, while also assuming supply chain management on behalf of prime contractors. We spoke with Kazım Ünal, General Manager of Menatek; Mehmet Ünal, Managing Partner of the company; and Naz Ünal, the company’s Director of Business Development and Strategy, about the past, present and future of Menatek, which, as part of its corporate development, has turned its attention to productisation in addition to manufacturing.


Continues on pg. 14 in March 2019 / 066 issue.

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