Interview: Noyan Dede, General Manager of ONUR A.Ş. “Our IP Based Voice Communication and Recording System, the flagship of our company, marked the World ATM Congress 2019.”

23 Mayıs 2019

Standing out with its expertise in voice communication and correspondence systems, ONUR A.Ş. was the only Turkish company to participate at the World Air Traffic Management (ATM) Congress 2019, held in Madrid, Spain on March 12–14, which served as a platform for discussions of aerospace-related issues.  We spoke with Noyan Dede, General Manager of ONUR A.Ş., about the products they exhibited at the congress and their ongoing activities.


MSI TDR: Mr. Dede, can you tell us about the products and capabilities exhibited by ONUR A.Ş. at the World ATM Congress 2019?

Noyan DEDE: At the congress, we displayed the product family that we have developed to meet the all the voice communication and reporting needs required for air traffic management. Visitors to our stand were given the opportunity to test our product family first-hand, and so we attracted great interest. Our end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) technology and new generation product family, which are what distinguish us from our competitors in the world, were under the spotlight at the congress. I can say that our IP-Based Voice Communication and Recording System – as the flagship of our company – marked the World ATM Congress 2019. We are now working to turn this interest in our product group, which has been certified by world-recognised authorities and which meets all international standards, into exports. At our stand, we showed an introductory film about our Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower for the attention of our visitors.



MSI TDR: Can you elaborate on the features that distinguish these products and capabilities from their competitors?

Noyan DEDE: The IP-Based Voice Communication and Recording System (IP VCS/VRS) stands out as a product that facilitates the interoperability of new generation communication systems with last generation systems. This product serves as a cost-effective solution with self-proven, hardware- and user-friendly interfaces for all civil and military air control applications. The product, which permits communication between HF/VHF/UHF radio systems, internal communication systems, general announcement systems, voice distribution systems, and telephone and other similar systems, offers its users the ability to maintain seamless access to all communication sources that have been integrated into the system. This solution of ONUR A.Ş., which can be adapted to meet EUROCAE ED-137 standards, can provide seamless communication between conventional and modern IP systems in such a way that they meet the needs also of the future, and it is these features that place our product head and shoulders above its competitors.

On the other hand, the Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower is a totally self-sufficient mobile platform that can fulfil any kind of mission that may be required from an air traffic control tower. Moreover, as the platform is mounted on a truck, it does not need another vehicle for transportation. Capable of lifting itself by means of a hydraulic system, the product has a built-in generator that removes the need for any external energy input. This product is in compliance with both military and civil air traffic safety standards, and is equipped with all the systems required for air-to-ground and ground-to-ground warfare. The systems embedded in the tower allow it to carry out air traffic control functions as a reliable and easy-to-operate system.

The Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower makes its mark as a reliable and easy-to-operate system.

The Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower makes its mark as a reliable and easy-to-operate system.

MSI TDR: What can you tell us about the meetings you held during the World ATM Congress 2019? What results did you take away from those meetings?

Noyan DEDE: As the World ATM Congress is focused on civil aviation, there are significant opportunities to meet with representatives of other companies and to lay the foundations of potential cooperations in the near future. Our team worked hard to find such opportunities throughout the congress. We had a very busy agenda for the event. During the two-and-a-half-day exhibition, we held numerous scheduled meetings with foreign business partners and civil aviation authorities. We spent most of our time hosting such delegations, and any remaining time was spent looking at recent developments in the global civil aviation sector, as well as the latest technologies. We are engaged concurrently in various processes within different projects in many different regions, and aim to rapidly transform the synergy we have created with our business partners into business outcomes. To this end, we tried, throughout the congress, to promote our civilian type communication solutions during our meetings with delegations from our target markets, ranging from Qatar to Ethiopia, and from Malaysia to India, when we provided them with detailed information about our products. The positive feedback we have received indicates that our efforts have not been wasted.


MSI TDR: What were the impressions of the World ATM Congress 2019 participants with whom you conducted meetings? What did they think about your products and capabilities?

Noyan DEDE: Our IP VCS/VRS, which is currently being used in Turkey for both military and civil purposes, has already proven itself in the world [markets]. The size of the area and the number of locations in which we install the system, as well as the capacity of the radio and the end-to-end IP-based infrastructure of our product place us significantly ahead of our competitors. This can be clearly understood both from the results of the technical evaluations conducted as part of the national and international tenders in which we participate, and in the interest shown in our product at the exhibitions in which we participate.


The IP VCS/VRS, which is being used in Turkey both in the military and civilian fields, attracted great interest at the World ATM Congress.

The IP VCS/VRS, which is being used in Turkey both in the military and civilian fields, attracted great interest at the World ATM Congress.


MSI TDR: How does your participations at these events affect your projects in the defence field?

Noyan DEDE: Having the chance of observing first-hand the latest developments in the global civil aviation market, and the works being conducted by our competitors is of great value for us, in that it allows us to improve our own products in the defence field. The information and developments we hear about at exhibitions allow us to come up with alternative ideas or solutions in defence projects, which may not have been requested or predicted by the end user. All these advantages help us stay ahead of our competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.

In addition, I believe that being the only Turkish company that opened a stand at the World ATM Congress, which is one of the world’s largest civil aviation organisations, delivers an important message to our competitors, indicating the point achieved by Turkey in the field of civil aviation.


 On behalf of our readers, we would like to thank Noyan Dede, General Manager of ONUR A.Ş., for taking the time to answer our questions and for providing us with such valuable information.

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