Interview: Özgür CANKARA, Vice President of Meteksan Defence

6 Temmuz 2018
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“Meteksan Defence shoulders responsibility on unmanned systems.”

When viewed from a perspective that considers unmanned vehicles as integrated mission platforms, the payloads of these vehicles are as critical as the vehicles themselves. Meteksan Defence is increasing the efficiency of unmanned vehicles through the various products it offers to the market, striving to meet various requirements in the field of mission systems, including OKİS (Automatic Take-off and Landing System), UAV MİLDAR, C-Band Data Link, Flight Control Computers, Radar Altimeters, Retinar and sonar solutions. We spoke to Özgür Cankara, Vice President of Meteksan Defence, about the company’s activities in this segment of the market.


Continues on pg. 52 in June 2018 / 056 issue.

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