KAPLAN MT Poised to Become Force Multiplier for Indonesia

22 Kasım 2017
C_h09Z8XUAAw8y5 - C - FNSS

In the design and development project being conducted jointly by FNSS and PT Pindad of Indonesia, for which a contract was signed in 2014, the conceptual design of the MediumWeight Class Tank KAPLAN MT was completed and the tank was introduced at the Indo Defence 2016 exhibition held in Jakarta between November 2 and 5. The ready-for-testing prototype was on display at IDEF 2017 and was shipped to Indonesia to begin testing in September. The KAPLAM MT took part in a parade held in the city of Cilegon on the occasion of Indonesia’s National Armed Forces Day on October 5.


Continues on pg. 70 in October 2017 / 046 issue and here:


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