Leonardo Delivers 1,000th AW139

21 Kasım 2019
Leonardo_AW139_1000_inci_Teslimat - C - Leonardo

You can read the news article published in the October 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


On September 20, Leonardo announced the delivery of its 1,000th AW139 helicopter. The platform was received by the Guardia di Finanza, a law enforcement agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Since its first flight in 2001, the AW139 has entered into service with 280 different users in 70 countries. The first AW139 was delivered in 2004, and the platforms delivered to date have racked up over 2.5 million flying hours since then. Having proven itself as an extremely versatile helicopter, the AW139 is being utilised in the following roles:

  • Public utility tasks, such as search and rescue and air ambulance, law enforcement and firefighting (around 30 percent);
  • Military tasks (around 20 percent);
  • Offshore transport (around 30 percent); and
  • VIP and corporate transport (around 20 percent).

Designed to be able to adapt to changing conditions, the AW139 has evolved in accordance with the demands of its users in just a few years, further enhancing its capabilities. As a result, the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft has increased from 6.4 to 7 tons. More than 1,000 different payloads have been certified for user needs. With the application of additional anti-icing measures, the AW139 can now fly in all weather conditions.

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