Leonardo Technologies for Turkish Skies

22 Nisan 2018

Leonardo will attend the inaugural edition of the Eurasia Airshow, which will bring key international technologies in commercial and military aviation to Antalya for the first time, from 25 to 29 April.

With its portfolio of products and services, Leonardo can respond to a broad range of civil and military requirements in the air sector, from fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft that are ready for all kinds of missions – and their related training and logistics services – to state-of-the-art avionics and sensors, as well as systems and networks for air traffic management and control.

Leonardo is a business partner for Turkey since more than forty years, participating in major civilian and military projects such as the T-129 helicopter, the Meltem 3 coastal patrol programme, air defence radars, naval sensors, defence systems and more recently the Göktürk satellite programme.

Leonardo’s solutions provide security for the people in Turkey on a daily basis, and visitors flying to Antalya will be served by Leonardo’s technology as soon as they approach the International Airport. Antalya, famous among tourists in the world for its wonderful seaside, is home to a top-tier air traffic control system supplied by Leonardo, ensuring safety and effective management of flights. The Air Traffic Control (ATC) centre is part of a wider system, which includes ATC centres and radars developed by Leonardo under the Turkish SMART (Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources Turkey) programme. Deployed in Ankara, with a backup in Istanbul, the SMART system supports air traffic management operations in Turkey’s airspace sectors (both upper and lower) located in Istanbul, Izmir, Ercan, Dalaman and Bodrum, and Antalya itself. The system connects more than 20 remote control towers encompassing over 600 ATC-related workstations, with a one-of-a-kind resilient system architecture. Leonardo also provided Turkey’s Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS), which ensures the safety of Turkey’s coastline and seaports, providing an integrated and comprehensive view of maritime traffic in its territorial waters.

In Antalya, Leonardo will also exhibit its C-27J, the most advanced multi-mission airlifter available on the market today.

Leonardo’s Chief Commercial Officer Lorenzo Mariani commented: ”We believe our C-27J is the best choice, and we think Turkey deserves the best military platform for the challenging scenarios in which the country operates”.

Thanks to the widest cabin in its category, unrivalled manoeuvrability, the interoperability with heavier airlifters like the C-130 and the A400M, and with a climb rate allowing to reach 10.000 ft in around 5 minutes, the C-27J has the capacity to carry significant loads and still access small, soft, narrow runways even in snowy and sandy weather conditions. The C-27J can be equipped with the latest technologies including Night Vision Goggles (NVG), ballistic protection system, a Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS) and an air to air refuelling “Probe & Drogue” system. The aircraft can perform various types of missions including troop transport, Command, Control, Communication & Surveillance (C3-ISR), firefighting, maritime pollution dispersion, VIP/government transport, and more.

Guests at Eurasia will also be able to see Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM, which provides effective protection against widely used MANPADS in an environment where flare technology has limitations against advanced and emerging threats. Leonardo’s Miysis DIRCM system has been extensively tested with successful results and defines and demonstrates the level of protection needed for all airborne platforms. Fully designed and manufactured in the UK, Miysis DIRCM is readily exportable around the world.

In Turkey, Leonardo is also marketing its AW101 helicopter. In service from the Arctic to the Antarctic, the AW101 delivers high performance in hot and cold environments, day and night and in all weather conditions. This three-engine medium/heavy military multirole helicopter can perform a wide range of land and maritime missions. In the naval domain, these include anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, helicopter early warning, utility, amphibious support, surveillance and patrol, long range search and rescue. The 16-tonne AW101 is the most advanced helicopter in its class, capable of autonomous operations and featuring state-of-the-art flight and mission avionics and equipment. Its large cabin is able to host up to 30 fully-equipped troops, it can be equipped with advanced self-protection systems for outstanding survivability, and its twin-engine cruise speed capability provides extended range and endurance for operations. Leonardo has been a long established supplier and partner in the Turkish helicopter sector delivering a number of aircraft for both government and civil operations in recent decades.

Leonardo is also ready to share its 60-years-experience and expertise in supplying avionics for the most advanced combat aircraft to customers such as the Italian Air Force and the UK’s Royal Air Force, and to actively support Turkish industry to deliver the TF-X new generation fighter.

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