MBDA and PGZ Unveil New Tank Destroyer in Poland

21 Kasım 2019

You can read the news article published in the October 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


MBDA and PGZ unveiled a new tank destroyer equipped with Brimstone missiles for the first time at MSPO 2019, held in Poland on September 3–6. During the event, the companies also signed a cooperation agreement under which the solution would be offered to Poland and to third countries, with Brimstone missiles starting to be produced in Poland through technology transfer.


Developed to satisfy Poland’s need for a tank destroyer capable of stopping massed armour formations, the solution consists of the integration of MBDA’s Brimstone missiles aboard different vehicles to be produced by PGZ Holding companies. In a press statement by MBDA to mark the development, the company emphasised that Brimstone missiles can accomplish this task thanks to their long range, their operability under all weather conditions, their resistance to active protection systems, their salvo firing ability and their ability to hit moving targets. The company shared images of a number of missiles in different configurations integrated onto different platforms, including BMP-series armoured combat vehicles and the body of a K-9 self-propelled howitzer.


MBDA_Polonya_MSPO_Tank_Avcisi_1 MBDA_Polonya_MSPO_Tank_Avcisi_2

The Tank Destroyer solution of MBDA and PGZ can be integrated onto various vehicles with different configurations.

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