Meteksan Defence Takes Turkey’s Indigenous Know-how and Experience in Underwater Acoustics to the Field of Submarines

20 Mayıs 2019
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Having been assigned by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) as Turkey’s Centre of Excellence in Underwater Acoustics in 2009, Meteksan Defence is now carrying its expertise to the field of underwater sonar systems. Today, Meteksan Defence is meeting the sensor needs of Turkish submarines’ sonars through domestic production, without any external dependence. The company is also making significant contributions to the activities of the Turkish Naval Forces in modernising the submarines in its inventory and in its work on the next generation of submarines. A closer analysis of the projects conducted by Meteksan Defence makes it clear that the company has reached the point where it can provide indigenous solutions for all sonar system requirements (sensors and dry-end units) of a modern submarine.


Continues on pg. 16 in April 2019 / 068 issue.

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