Mistral Air Defence Missile Proves its Mettle Against Surface Targets

15 Mart 2019
MBDA_mistral - C - MBDA

MBDA carried out a firing test in December 2018, demonstrating the effectiveness of its Mistral air defence missile against surface targets. During the test, which the company announced in its January 9 press release, the Mistral missile was launched from a SIMBAD-RC remote-controlled weapon system stationed on land, and successfully hit a high-speed naval target travelling three kilometres from the shore. The chosen target was a remote controlled semi-rigid boat, and the entire test was meant to enact the self-defence of a ship against an asymmetrical surface threat.

Used by the French Armed Forces, the Mistral is essentially a short-range air defence missile. Equipped with an infrared seeker, the missile can, thanks to its image processing capabilities, lock onto targets with low thermal signatures, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The SIMBAD-RC, on the other, was developed for short-range air defence of surface naval platforms, and is used against aerial targets such as combat aircraft, anti-ship missiles and UAVs. Each of these systems is equipped with two ready-to-launch Mistral missiles.

Commenting on the test, Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, said: “The demonstration of the SIMBAD-RC Mistral combination against surface targets reflects our policy of giving our systems additional capacities to supplement those they were originally designed to provide.”

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