MSI TDR Becomes EURASIA AIRSHOW 2020’s Official Publication and Media Partner

3 Aralık 2019

After the first EURASIA AIRSHOW in 2018, MSI Turkish Defence Review (TDR) reclaims its position as the Official Publication and Media Partner of EURASIA AIRSHOW 2020.

Since its debut in 2004, MSI TDR marks its 15th year whilst covering the news and developments from the Turkish defence and aerospace industry with its Turkish and English editions. As the only monthly periodical on the Turkish defence and aerospace industry, MSI TDR has a large reader base ranging from; procurement authorities to end-users, diplomatic missions in Turkey to foreign establishments, national and international industrial corporations to universities and anyone who is interested in the industry themselves. Aside from printed issues, by amassing more than 30 thousand followers in LinkedIn and 20 thousand followers in Twitter, MSI TDR also creates its effect on the social media.

Accompanied by its large and experienced staff, MSI TDR had gathered interest for its special issue which was distributed as a complimentary copy to participants during the 2018 EURASIA AIRSHOW. For the 2020 EURASIA AIRSHOW, the MSI TDR will again prepare a special issue, which will be distributed free of charge to the participants, and also to the industrial representatives and MSI TDR subscribers.

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