NERO INDUSTRIES’ 10TH ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE: Alican ÖKÇÜN, Chairman of the Board of Nero Industries

22 Ekim 2019

You can read the message published in the September 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


“Summary of Our First Decade and Our Plans for the Next Decade: Technology, Export and Sustainable Growth”


This year, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Nero Industries. Travelling along this path that we set out on as an engineering and design company, we have now become a manufacturer which develops indigenous products, having its’ products in active use in 24 countries and competes in the global leagues. The high-tech products we develop based on our “advanced reliability” principle are now setting standards in the sector. With an awareness that exports are a necessary condition for sustainable growth, therefore our target market has been the entire world from the very beginning. This vision provides us to realize 210 different projects with our products to date, 60 of them are for foreign customers.


Nero Industries family

Nero Industries family


We Have Never Said No to a Requirement

We have developed such systems as ARES, ARMA, MARS and UMAY, thanks to the efforts of our R&D team, these product groups have been transformed into field-proven systems in the defence sector. Due to the inevitable nature of the sector in each of the projects different technical requests are demanded  from the end-users and prime contractors. Every time, we have worked hard to meet these different technical requests and have never said no to any of our customers. We have managed to fulfil all requests, thanks to our user-oriented approach and deep engineering experience. As a company established from scratch, this process did not only allow us to prove ourselves, but also ensured the progressive development of both our company and our products day-by-day. This vision provides our products to surpass their competitors and to become our trump card in the export markets.


We will Continue to Progress with our Suppliers

The challenges of being an SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) in this sector, in terms of survival and product development, have never discouraged us, and we have managed to overcome all these challenges including competition and new product development. In doing so, we shared our earnings and capabilities without being selfish and created an ecosystem with our suppliers by this way we have grown together like a family.

The Nero Industries’ labour force is currently around 200 people, and we estimate that we have provided additional employment for 1,000 people through our local suppliers in the sector by means of the business portion transferred to our ecosystem by us. In line with our steady growth policy, we will increase number of our employees to 300 in next year, with a particular focus on high-tech, and will further deepen our expertise in our fields of activity. As a company developed with the support of its’ suppliers, we will move forward with them. As we progress towards becoming a main integrator in the sector, we will continue to support and improve those who work with us.


Nero Industries completed the establishment of its new facility in Ankara in 2019.



Indigenous Products are the Secret of our Success

Since the day our company was founded, we have followed a product-oriented approach. The first outcomes of our product development efforts were military type generators, which would later evolve into the ARMA Power Systems product family. After recognising the lack of a domestic solution in the field of fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems, we developed the indigenous ARES systems that are our flagship products today. Through ARES, we did not only dominate with 90 percent of the domestic market, but also have become one of the three major manufacturers in the world in the field of fire extinguishing and explosion suppression systems. Similarly, our MARS systems were born considering the need of a domestically produced and efficient CBRN filtration system. All of these products have improved our engineering capabilities, and have increased our competence in high-tech systems. Our masterpiece in military product group is UMAY Laser Warning and Smoke Grenade Launcher Systems. This product, which we have offered to the market at one-third of the price of similar products made by our competitors, has seen high demand due to its adaptability to almost any vehicle, its’ cost-effectiveness and the high level of detection capability. Following the completion of field tests, we have already exported this product to a foreign user.


Nero Industries has delivered 6,000 ARES Fire Suppression Systems, as the company’s flagship product, to various users around the world.

Nero Industries has delivered 6,000 ARES Fire Suppression Systems, as the company’s flagship product, to various users around the world.


Strategy is the Key Factor in our Growth

We founded Nero Industries from scratch 10 years ago, and with very limited capital. Today, we are a solution partner, and the largest land vehicle subsystem supplier in Turkey. This growth, was no surprise to us, as we knew we would reach this point on the day we first founded the company. We have reached our current position by surpassing the targets and each year and we will continue to achieve to our goals in the future, becoming a company which grows with its technology, exports and efficiency. We will be a game-changer in the global market.


We will Double in Size in 2020

Over the last decade, we have spent over TRY 40 million on infrastructure investments. With additional TRY 40 million investment in 2020, we will double our investments made in the last decade. These investments will continue in support of our efforts to produce advanced technology products. As Nero Industry; our goal is becoming a High-Technology Base in the world.


Alican ÖKÇÜN

Chairman of the Board of NERO Industries

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