Nero Industries’ ARMA Product Family Offers Smart Power System Solutions

4 Eylül 2019

You can read the special coverage published in the July 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


Among the many outstanding solutions offered by Nero Industries in the field of military land vehicles is the ARMA Power Systems, which has been developed by the company as an integrated system solution for the generation and distribution of electricity on land platforms. The customer-oriented solutions offered by the company through the ARMA product family include smart systems that enable uninterrupted power generation and distribution under combat conditions.


Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Power Switching Unit (PSU)

Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Power Switching Unit (PSU)

The ARMA Power Systems product family of Nero Industries comprises the following components:

  • Power Distribution Units and Power Switching Units
  • Tactical, Military-Type Silent Generators
  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)
  • Battery Management Systems – AC/DC Converters
  • Power Take Off (PTO) Alternator System

The company can either supply these components separately or, if requested, as an integrated package. The most prominent feature brought by Nero Industries to the field of power systems is its treatment of each customer request as a separate project, and its bespoke approach to the engineering projects it undertakes. Aside from the engineering and prototype production activities it undertakes, the company also provides installation services during the serial production phase, in line with customer requests.


Smart Control Units Make Things Easier for Users

Of these components, the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) draws and collects all the electricity from any device generating it at a single point and distributes it as required by the individual systems. The power supplying systems include the vehicle’s own alternator, the PTO alternator system, as well as its generators and auxiliary power units, while the power consuming systems can be anything, from payloads, such as the weapons or radar systems that allow the vehicle to carry out its mission, to the vehicle’s interior lighting system. Nero Industries can adjust the number of input and output ports on the system as required by the customer.

The PDU, which is located outside the vehicle, monitors all of the electrical systems in the vehicle and intervenes whenever necessary. For example, it automatically starts the generators if the vehicle needs electricity or activates the rectifier if the batteries have been discharged. The PDU can be integrated with the mission computer of the vehicle. In this case, the PDU turns into a smart device, and becomes capable of supplying power automatically to the payloads and related subsystems in line with the commands it receives from the computer. With this capability, the PDU reduces significantly the cognitive load on the operator. For example, in a vehicle integrated with a missile launch system, when the operator initiates a launch mission via the mission computer, the PDU supplies energy to all of the components, such as the ramps, radar and electro-optical systems, required for launch.

The Power Switching Unit (PSU) embedded in the vehicle functions as an interface for the manual control of the PDU. In the event of failure, especially in the vehicle’s main mission computer or electronic infrastructure, the PSU makes it possible to supply energy or to cut the energy supply to all electrical systems, including payloads, under the armour protection of the vehicle. Currently, a total of 120 PDUs and PSUs are operating in the field.

Resim4 Resim3

Tactical, Military-Type Silent Generators


Vehicle-Specific Maintenance Interface

Nero Industries, which already has a wide range of generators available in its product portfolio, is also capable of developing military generators with specific output powers that are tailored to customer needs. These generators can generate alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) or both. Although the highest capacity generator ever produced by the company is able to generate 80 kW of power, company officials state that they can easily develop higher capacity products upon request.

Thanks to the maintainability analyses it performs with an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) approach, the company is able to design its generators specifically for the platform into which they will be integrated. Such designs result in easier and shorter maintenance or repair processes. Instead of a conventional panel, the generators have an electronic unit that serves the same purpose, reducing both the number of potential mechanical faults, such as cables coming loose, and the total length of cables in the generator, resulting in a considerably more compact product.

Power Take Off (PTO) Alternator System

Power Take Off (PTO) Alternator System


The generators produced by Nero Industries are either synchronous or dual types. In vehicles that can be supplied with grid voltage, whenever a grid failure occurs, synchronous generators are activated automatically, ensuring continuous power and the user does not feel any disturbance. In dual generator systems, on the other hand, the individual generators are used for equal durations, one after the other, preventing excessive aging on one of the generators while the other remains idle.


Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)


APUs, Fitting Inside vehicles

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) can be thought of as small generators that generate electricity using their own engines and alternators, in addition to the battery and fuel system of the vehicle into which they are integrated. Unlike generators that can only generate electricity, however, APUs can also power equipment driven by a shaft, such as air conditioning compressors or hydraulic pumps. The APUs designed by Nero Industries are particularly noted for their compact designs.

Commenting on the company’s competence in this field, Alican Ökçün, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nero Industries, said: “Auxiliary power units are often supplied for vehicles in which the design process has been completed and the body form and frame structure have been established. Placing an APU on a vehicle whose outer shell has already been designed, and utilising the idle spaces in the vehicle requires serious work. However, our engineering know-how enables us not only to achieve this, but also to respond to the needs of our customers very quickly. In recent months we have managed to integrate APUs into a local manufacturer’s vehicles in less than a week using the components at hand.”

The total number of generators and APUs that have been produced and delivered by Nero Industries to date has exceeded 2,500.

Nero Industries’ Battery Management Systems monitor the charge status of all batteries on the vehicle, and charge them when needed. The system also prevents damage to the batteries and prolongs their life by measuring the temperature of the batteries during charging, and by completely cutting or reducing the current to overheated batteries.


Power Management System

Power Management System


PTO Alternator System

The latest product to be added to Nero Industries’ ARMA family is the PTO Alternator System. The company has developed this easy-to-use system for generators that cannot operate due to discharged batteries at low temperatures. This alternator weighs approximately 70 kg, and is connected to the PTO output of the vehicle’s transmission, serving as a very simple alternative to a generator. Just like a generator, the alternator also produces 220 volts. When necessary, the user can shift the vehicle to the PTO gear and start the vehicle’s engine to activate the system. Once running, the PTO alternator system can charge the generator’s batteries and also provide electricity to other systems in the vehicle. The system, which is in compliance with IP65 standards, also meets military requirements for durability. The product is currently being used on 150 vehicles in the field.

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