Nurol Makina Boosts Presence in International Market: Uzbekistan Also Opts for the EJDER YALÇIN

22 Kasım 2017

Developed by Nurol Makina, the EJDER YALÇIN continues to capture worldwide attention as a vehicle that has created its own class. Following Tunisia’s own decision – after Turkey – to include the vehicle in its inventory in recent months, Uzbekistan becomes the most recent buyer of the EJDER YALÇIN, with a programme involving more than 1,000 vehicles. In late October, news that Uzbekistan had opted for the EJDER YALÇIN to meet its long-term needs spread rapidly, particularly in social media. Combining the information we have obtained from different sources with first-hand data from Engin Aykol, CEO of Nurol Makina, we have put together a detailed and fresh story of EJDER YALÇIN’s adventure in Uzbekistan for our readers.


Continues on pg. 14 in October 2017 / 046 issue and here:

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