Issue: June 2019/070

23 Temmuz 2019


From the Critical SSİK Meeting of May 2004 to IDEF of May 2019

06           SPECIAL COVERAGE: IDEF’19

IDEF’19 Reveals the Sector’s Preparations for its 2023 Goals

  • Celebrating its 30th Anniversary, FNSS Marks IDEF’19 with New Products and New Projects
  • From Energy Weapons to Mini Guided Missiles: Roketsan Takes the Stage at IDEF with New Innovative Products
  • Nurol Makina Participates at IDEF’19 with its Globally Preferred Vehicles
  • Meteksan Defence Takes the Stage at IDEF with New Products
  • Leonardo Proposes IFTS to Turkey, Turning a New Page in Pilot Training
  • STM Showcases the Future of Kamikaze Drones at IDEF’19
  • Sarsılmaz Starts to Working on Local Machine Guns
  • HAVELSAN Enhances its Collaborations
  • Alp Aviation Signs Agreements at IDEF for the Coming Period
  • ALTAY Strengthens Domestic and International Collaborations
  • ANDAR’s High Performance Servo Actuator Solutions: 250,000 Flight Hours, No Malfunction
  • Anova: The Right Address for Specific Subsystems Requiring Expertise
  • ARTI Industrial Electronics Highlights its Successes in Various Projects
  • ARES 95 FAMB: A Relatively Small Combatant Platform with High Speed and Firepower
  • Artron Checks the Pulse of New Collaborations
  • Augmea Reaches out to both Users and Companies
  • Ayyazılım Expands its Areas of Expertise with New Products
  • Barok Defense Breathes New Life into the Sector
  • IDEF as the First Fair for DT Defence
  • Drivelines of Wheeled Armoured Vehicles Entrusted to BASE Studio
  • FEMSAN Expands its Actuator and Electric Motor Solutions Family
  • Gökser Makina Participates at IDEF with its AS9100 Certificate and its Expanding Range of Products
  • GES Engineering’s Products Attract the Attention of Both Domestic and Foreign Users
  • Honeywell Sends Serdar Çetingül on his New Assignment
  • Hitit Logistics Focuses on the Promotion of its Time-Sensitive Delivery Service at IDEF
  • ICterra Aims to Sustain its Momentum in Defence Projects
  • Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri Unveils New Products at IDEF
  • Navantia Looks Forward to the Continued Provision of Services to Turkish Naval Forces Command with NAVANTIS
  • NANObiz Ready to Serve with Innovative Products and Test Infrastructure
  • First Customer of Nero Industries’ New UMAY Laser Warning System is an Overseas User
  • NOVA Power Solutions: Reliable Electric Power Conditioning for Mission-Critical Systems
  • NUMESYS Promotes ANSYS Solutions for Embedded Software and Electromagnetic Fields
  • OSSA Takes the Stage with 40 members
  • Rosoboronexport Highlights Strengthening Relations between Turkey and Russia
  • Teknopark İstanbul Stands by Its Member Companies at IDEF
  • TSSK Highlights its Engineering and Design Capabilities
  • UK SMEs Stand by Turkish Industries and Users


Nero Industries Strengthens the Protective Shield of Land Vehicles with UMAY

76           ANALYSIS / Sinan TOPUZ


A Summary of the Previous Year in the Global Warship Market:

Asian Countries Diversify Sources of Supply (Part 2)

82           DEFENCE NEWS

  • Defence and Aerospace Makes its Mark at the Best of Ankara Awards Ceremony
  • ARES Shipyard Maintains Consistent Growth
  • ASPILSAN Energy Continues Growing on its 38th Anniversary
  • Young Eagles Week Celebrated with Activities
  • Latest Innovations in Engineering Simulations to be Discussed at Bias User Conference 2019
  • HAVELSAN Ranks First in Turkey in Innovation Resources
  • Nurol Makina, Opens the European Door with EJDER YALÇIN and YÖRÜK
  • HAVELSAN’s Submarine Data Distribution System to be the Heart of New Type Submarines
  • ATEŞ, envisaged to guard the EU-Turkey border, delivered to Land Forces Command
  • Meteksan Defence Proves its Success in Underwater Acoustics Once Again with its Intercept Passive Sonar Solution
  • HEMUS Exhibition prepares to open its doors for the 14th time
  • A New Milestone in National Aviation: TEI Delivers the First 4 T700-TEI-701D Engines Produced for the T70
  • TARGET Top the Ankara Basketball League
  • STM Prepares for Swarm Operations with KARGU
  • Sector Companies Rise up the Top 500 List with 2018 Performances
  • Roketsan’s ALKA destroys its target with pinpoint accuracy
  • Otonom Technologies Promises More with the TETRON New Power Unit
  • 570 Rocket Team Applies to TEKNOFEST 2019

94           AROUND THE WORLD

  • Airbus Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a Major Campaign
  • European Users of the C-27J Spartan come Together During Exercise in Romania
  • Eric Beranger Becomes New CEO of MBDA
  • HENSOLDT Introduces the New Kalaetron Radar Warning Receiver
  • BriteCloud Passes its First Trial aboard RAF Typhoons
  • Canada’s New UAVs to Feature Leonardo PicoSAR Radar
  • Airbus H160M, France’s New Joint Helicopter, Makes First Appearance

98           AMAC EVENTS

  • Hungary Defence Forces Day
  • Brigadier General Tarek Baccouche, Defence Attaché of Tunisia, to be Appointed New Dean of AMAC
  • Farewell Reception for the Defence Attaché of Georgia

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