Ordinary General Assembly of SSI Concludes that Export Successes will Continue

18 Haziran 2019
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You can read the article published in the May 2019 Issue of MSI Turkish Defence Review here:


The 2018 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of the Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association (SSI) and the 2018 Successful Exporters Award Ceremony were held in Ankara on April 15. The meeting was hosted by Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSI, and was attended by Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, as well as many representatives from the sector.


1_MSI_4239- C - MSI TDRThe meeting launched with the opening speeches from Latif Aral Aliş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SSI, and Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, and proceeded with the 2018 Successful Exporters Award Ceremony. The event also saw a presentation entitled “2018 Export Figures of the Defence and Aerospace Sector”. The meeting ended after discussions and voting on the General Assembly Activity Report, the Balance Sheet and Income Statement, the Supervisory Board Report, and the 2019 Budget and Activity Program.


Not Following, but Followed

During his opening speech, Aliş stated that the sector was witnessing a new success story every other day. “The contributions of our sector to the existence and full independence of Turkey will result in a safe and peaceful future. We are extremely glad that the importance of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector is being recognized by all segments of our society. We are now producing technologies and products that are not following, but followed”.



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Speaking about the contributions of the sector to the economy, Aliş said: “The Turkish defence and aerospace sector has successfully carried out many major projects, and the figures speak for themselves in this regard. At a press briefing in March, we announced that our sector achieved the second highest growth in exports in the first quarter of 2019 in Turkey. Today, we have become the first.


More Feedback

For his part, Prof. Dr. Demir referred to the sector as a big family: “As the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB), one of our main priorities is to develop the defence and aerospace sector, to increase its exports and to ensure its sustainability. We have always supported the sector in this issue and will continue to do so. What we really expect from you is feedback on whatever we are trying to do, as our activities will be useless if they do not interest you or if they don’t bring you direct benefit. We may try to do many things with good intentions, but the most important thing for you is how much our projects increase our exports, and to what extent is the Turkish defence and aerospace sector known around the world. These are the parameters that we really need to know very well, and we must keep them in mind in a realistic way. Today, we are satisfied with the increase in the export figures of our defence and aerospace industries, however we realise that we are still far behind where we should really be. Our main tasks include participation in many different fairs around the world and representing Turkey, as well as presenting and explaining the capabilities of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector whenever possible in all international discussions and relations. Our main supporter in this issue is H.E. President of the Republic, who always mentions our defence sector in all his discussions with the leaders of other countries. This shows that we have very big support.”

Prof. Dr. Demir ended his speech by stating his wish to see the sector achieve higher export figures in the years to come.

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Export Leaders Awarded

The opening speeches were followed by the 2018 Successful Exporters Award Ceremony, during which the qualifying companies received their awards from Prof. Dr. Demir and Aliş. In total, 14 awards were given out during the ceremony, which started with the handing of awards to the companies that had achieved export successes in different product groups. The award-winning companies in this category were:


  • Best exporter of land platforms and components – FNSS
  • Best exporter of naval platforms and components – YONCA-ONUK SHIPYARD
  • Best exporter of air platforms and components – Turkish Aerospace
  • Best exporter of defence electronics – ASELSAN
  • Best exporter of cartridges – TURAÇ
  • Best exporter of shotguns – DERYA ARMS
  • Best exporter of ammunition – MKEK


FNSS also received an award as the company that witnessed the highest growth in exports, while BAHTIYAR AV was given the award for the company that exported its products to the highest number of countries.

In 2018, the qualifying companies that achieved the highest export figures were:

  1. Turkish Aerospace
  2. TEI
  3. FNSS
  5. Alp Aviation


MSI_4463- C - MSI TDRExport Figures are Growing Every Year

The meeting proceeded with a presentation given by Engin Yalçın, Industry Director of SSI, on “2018 Export Figures of Defence and Aerospace Industry”. The key export figures of the Turkish defence and aerospace sector were announced as given in Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4 and as mentioned below (SSI data based on the figures of member companies and as per the legislation in force, and do not include, for example, exported services):

  • In 2018, the Turkish defence and aerospace sector increased its exports by 17 percent on the previous year, totalling 2.035 billion dollars, representing an increase of 130 percent in exports when compared to 2011, when total exports were valued at 884 million dollars.
  • First quarter exports for 2019 have seen a 51 percent increase on figure for the same period in 2017, reaching 713 million dollars.
  • The sector’s export value per kilogram was $46.59 in early 2018, compared to the Turkey average of $1.32.


We will Pursue Our Success in Exports

The presentation was followed by the SSI 2018 Ordinary General Assembly Meeting, which is organised as a financial general assembly. Cemil Eryürek, Chairman of the Executive Board of Ideal Av Spor, was elected as Chairman of Assembly, after which, the General Assembly Activity Report, Balance Sheet and Income Statement, and Supervisory Board Report were read, voted upon and approved.

All the award winners at the ceremony

All the award winners at the ceremony

“Each of us is doing what we have to do for the sector”, said Aliş, who took the floor after the voting to express his gratitude to those in attendance, and underlined that they would be pursuing further success in exports.

In the closing session of the meeting, the 2019 Budget and Activity Program was presented and approved, and a forecasted budget of ₺10 million was presented for 2019. The 2019 Activity Program was also presented in which data on participation at fairs was given:

  • February 17–21, United Arab Emirates, IDEX 2019
  • March 8–11, Germany, IWA 2019
  • April 2–4, Germany, Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019
  • April 2–5 , Brazil, LAAD 2019
  • September 10–13, United Kingdom, DSEI 2019
  • October 8–11, Ukraine, Arms & Security 2019
  • November 19–22, France, Milipol Paris 2019
  • November 18–21, Thailand, Defence & Security 2019
  • December 10–12, Kuwait, GDA 2019.

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