Otokar Ranks in BIST Sustainability Index for Fourth Consecutive Year

24 Ocak 2019

Continuing its high corporate sustainability performance well into 2018, Otokar deemed itself worthy for the fourth consecutive year of a ranking on the Istanbul Stock Exchange’s (BIST’s) Sustainability Index.

Based on specific Index Selection Criteria, the Istanbul Stock Exchange surveys every year the works that different companies are conducting in the area of sustainability. Aiming to create long-term value by combining economic, environmental and societal factors with corporate governance principles, Otokar’s sustainability-related activities have led it to rank once again among the top 50 companies on the BIST Sustainability Index for the November 2018–October 2019 period.

Sharing his thoughts on this development, Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar, said that the company adheres to the values and principles of the Koç Group of Companies, acting in a manner that is humane, close to society, environmentally friendly and strongly bound to the universal principles of business ethics. “Working with the aim of leaving a liveable and safe world behind for future generations, we have brought to a close yet another highly successfully period. Through our projects, we have reduced our energy consumption to 856 GJ, and our greenhouse gas emissions to 138 tons of carbon dioxide. By recycling 149,000 cubic metres of waste water, we have recovered 49 percent of the water we need for production.” Görgüç explained.

Describing that the company is providing thousands of hours of training every year to further enhance the skills of its employees, Görgüç said that they had organised 73,466 person-hours of training into the development of professional knowledge and skills, as well as 18,288 person-hours of training to foster the corporate culture of occupational health and safety. Otokar is also supporting social development through social responsibility projects carried out over the course of the year.

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