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Otokar Received First Overseas Order for the COBRA II

17 Kasım 2016

The 25th Newsletter of Otokar was published in September. The developments mentioned in the newsletter which have not been covered in previous issues of MSI Turkish Defence Review include the following:

  • COBRA II received its first overseas order. A South Asian country has selected the COBRA II for use in its United Nations Peace Force operations.
  • The ARMA 6×6 is also continuing to perform successfully at the joint operation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members in Yemen.
  • Otokar continues to make deliveries for the armoured vehicle orders it received from the Gulf countries in 2015. Armoured Internal Security Vehicles and the URAL armoured personnel carriers are joining the inventories of users.
  • The ARMA 6×6, KAYA II, COBRA II and COBRA have been tested in South Africa and Gulf Region countries by potential users. During the testing activities, which were conducted under harsh desert conditions to test mobility and live fire capabilities, the vehicles once again proved their ability to operate in the hot climates and the geographical conditions of the region.
  • With the increase in the demand for Otokar’s armoured vehicles, the company has increased the pace of its technology investments. Reflecting the knowledge it has gained from the ALTAY tank to the design of its armoured vehicles, Otokar has developed a welding method allowing these vehicles, which require a high level of protection, to be designed in a balanced way that factors in their weight. The twin robotic welding automation cell, which was developed in order to apply this method rapidly and effectively, will allow Otokar to deliver its armoured vehicles to users in the fastest way possible and by ensuring the highest quality. The method was first used in the production of COBRA II vehicles.
  • Offering its test centres to the use of entire the industry, Otokar has also received an international accreditation certificate for its ballistic and mine testing infrastructure. As the International Accreditation Service (IAS) has confirmed that Otokar laboratories is providing their services in line with the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards, it will, from now on, be able to provide certification for ballistic and mine tests.

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