Otokar’s New $28.9 Million Export

10 Eylül 2018
Although the vehicle models were not specified in the Otokar press release, Otokar used an image of COBRA II for the visual content of the release.

Otokar has announced on July 30 that an undisclosed Asian country placed an order for tactical wheeled armoured vehicles valued at $28.9 million. Deliveries of the different 4×4 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles included in the contract will be completed in the first quarter of 2019. The contract also includes spare parts and training services.

Serdar Görgüç, General Manager of Otokar, speaking about the contract, said: “This order has come from an Asian country that we have already supplied with vehicles. The purchaser had already had the opportunity to try the vehicles as part of United Nations missions, and were satisfied with them, serving as a reference for their new orders. They chose Otokar to meet a need for various types of tactical wheeled armoured vehicles.”

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