Roketsan Brings Precise Guided Missile Capability to Single Infantrymen and to Mini-Unmanned Vehicles with YATAĞAN®

22 Mayıs 2019

Roketsan unveiled the YATAĞAN® Laser Guided Miniature Missile System, at IDEF’19. YATAĞAN® has been designed in such a way that a single infantryman can use the system with the available grenade launchers, bringing new precision, range and target-oriented demolition power to urban warfare. The system has the potential for use aboard unmanned land/naval and aerial vehicles with its lightness and precision.


The armed forces and security forces that are obliged to serve in today’s urban areas often face such threats as snipers, group targets and reinforcement elements that are deployed in the conflict zone. All of these threats can be covered with fire in a rapid and effective way through the use of grenade launchers that can be easily operated by individual soldiers. However, the firing of unguided ammunitions, their relatively short range considering pop-up threats, the high scatter at the impact point at long distances and the related undesired collateral damage could be seen as significant disadvantages of these systems.


The YATAĞAN® Laser Guided Miniature Missile System has been developed by Roketsan as a new and effective solution that overcomes all of these disadvantages. Following significant studies, Roketsan came up with the YATAĞAN®, which can be fired using existing and new generation 40 mm grenade launchers, and which has a greater effective range than the maximum range of existing grenade launcher ammunitions (around 400 m), offering the ability to take out snipers, group targets and similar threats directly with one shot at high precision.



MS2_3784In addition to the existing grenade launchers that are used by individual soldiers, YATAĞAN® can also be fired from unmanned land, naval and aerial vehicles with  its low weight of only around 1 kg. It can make a precision strike at a maximum CEP value of 1 m with its semi-active laser seeker. YATAĞAN® is an effective weapon system with a range of more than 1,000 m that is directed at a target illuminated with a laser designator using its miniature seeker and miniature wing actuator system. The target designation of YATAĞAN® can optionally be done by the user, by another personnel or by the laser designators aboard mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and unmanned ground/surface vehicles (UGV/USV).

YATAĞAN® can be easily integrated onto UAVs, UGVs and USVs with a low payload capacity, turning them into combat elements. It is effective against light structures, unarmored ground vehicles and unprotected targets, such as sniper positions and targets of opportunity. The effectiveness of YATAĞAN® against different types of threats can be increased through the use of various warhead options.

ROKETSAN_Yatagan_3Roketsan aims to complete the development of YATAĞAN® as soon as possible to further increase the superiority of security forces in urban warfare, based on the game-changing characteristics of this missile system.

Roketsan, points out the innovative aspect of YATAĞAN®: “In our YATAĞAN® Laser Guided Miniature Missile System solution, we reduced the technologies and sub-systems developed for the other members of our product family to a miniature size so that they fit into a very small volume, and thus created a guided missile from an ammunition type that it was perhaps never even thought to be possible to be guided in the past. YATAĞAN® has emerged as the best example of how Roketsan addresses missile sub-system technologies.”


*SAL: Semi-Active Laser Seeker

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