Roketsan Closes the Loop of Specialization and Capability with Firing Range Test and Evaluation Centre

16 Mayıs 2019

Roketsan produces many missiles, rockets and munitions that are regarded as the best in their respective classes, and the company is now increasing its specialization in the testing and evaluation of these solutions at its new Firing Range Test and Evaluation Centre (ATDM). The first phase of the ATDM was completed in 2015, and the second phase is expected to be completed this year.


The ATDM project was launched by the Ministry of National Defence to support missile, rocket and ammunition projects, and to increase national capabilities and capacity in testing and evaluation activities under a contract signed between the Ministry, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) and Roketsan. The main test firing capabilities that will be achieved as part of the project are:

  • Test, lot acceptance, practice and qualification firing of all kinds of weapons, artillery and tank ammunition, rockets and missiles.
  • Real time trajectory monitoring and tracking capability for the positions of rockets, missiles, ammunition and targets.
  • Real time telemetry data monitoring and storing at launch, mid-flight and impact site, in order to precisely measure the impact point.
  • Calculation and use of the real flight path of the rocket, missile or ammunition by processing the data received from all sensors with data fusion algorithms at the Command and Control Centre.
  • After the flight, ability to report  the data received during the launch, mid-flight and terminal phases through its data processing and analysis software.
  • Ground-level, low-altitude and high-altitude meteorological measurements before launch.
  • Real time data exchange between testing devices and systems available at launch, mid-flight and impact points.
  • 3D trajectory analysis using high-speed cameras and Flight Following System right after launch.
  • Rocket, missile or ammunition air-conditioning ability to be tested in the conditioning cabins before the launch.
  • Possibility to neutralize the ammunition using a guided flight termination system in the event of an error or uncontrolled incident during flight.


The testing equipment and materials that have been put into use as part of the ATDM project are still actively used in all missile, rocket and artillery ammunition development activities in Turkey.


Roketsan, explains the contributions of ATDM to the company’s activities: “While carrying out the ATDM project, we made use of the know-how acquired during our missile, rocket and munition development activities, and the result was very successful. The activities we perform at ATDM contribute substantially to our missile, rocket and ammunition development activities as well, allowing us to move our solutions one step further.”


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