Roketsan Gives 122 mm Rockets Guidance Capability with TRG-122

24 Mayıs 2019

Roketsan is adding a guidance capability to 122 mm rocket systems, which is popular among the armed forces around the world, with the launch of the TRG-122. Boasting high accuracy, the TRG-122 enables its user to maintain heavy and effective fire on high-priority targets at ranges of 16–35 kilometers. The TRG-122 can provide timely and optimum fire support for maneuvering units, and can be launched from a T-122 SAKARYA Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) system or from other platforms with an interface permitting integration with Multi-Purpose MBRL System, which is also manufactured by Roketsan.


The TRG-122 can be carried, stored, and used in a complete round missile configuration in a canister protecting the munition from environmental conditions, and can be used against targets when collateral damage needs to be          minimized thanks to its pinpoint strike precision. The potential targets of the TRG-122 are as follows:

  • Military ports and airports
  • Assembly areas (vehicles and/or personnel)
  • Targets located with high accuracy
  • Logistical facilities
  • Artillery and air defence systems
  • Command, control and communication systems
  • Enclosed and semi-enclosed areas, such as caves/shelters

Roketsan stated that 122 mm rockets were upgraded with the TRG-122: “122 mm rockets were among the first weapon systems worked on by Roketsan following its establishment, and the development of guided versions is testament to Roketsan’s innovation. We are sure that TRG-122, an efficient weapon system, will serve its users reliably for years.”

TRG122 eng

*INS: Inertial Navigation System

*GPS: Global Positioning System

*HE: High Explosive           

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