Roketsan Offers Pyrotechnic Systems of High Quality and Reliability

21 Mayıs 2019

Pyrotechnic systems are among the areas of operation of Roketsan, which is capable of indigenously developing every critical component of the systems in its product family. Roketsan is also working on indigenous rocket motor igniters, safe and arm devices, low- and high-energy electro-explosives, and pyrotechnic activated devices, as the various pyrotechnic products with high-quality and reliability needed by rocket and missile systems, including their design, testing and manufacture as indigenous products. Igniters and safe and arm mechanisms designed with different sizes and with performance levels, and capable of withstanding different environmental factors, are manufactured and qualified in different configurations using the appropriate mixtures of pyrotechnic materials.


R&D efforts related to pyrotechnic mixtures are carried out alongside ageing and interaction analyses, by taking into account the environmental conditions to which the ammunition may be exposed. Pyrotechnic activated devices such as explosive bolts, pin pusher/retractor, pyrotechnic valves, separation valves, and cable/rope breakers are all used in disconnection/release systems, emergency systems, space applications and launch systems for different purposes.


Depending on the system requirements, gas generators and initiators are designed according to different levels of ignition and non-ignition currents, and to the desired ballistic or physical outputs. The explosive foil detonators (EFI/LEEFI) that are among the new generation of initiators, and that are ignited by high voltages, are among the products that have been designed, developed and serially manufactured by Roketsan. These detonators, which are resistant to the electromagnetic effects, are used to ignite rocket motors or to activate a warhead.

Piroteknik Sistemler

Roketsan is also working on a new generation of high-tech laser ignition systems. Laser initiators are planned to be used within flexible pyrotechnic systems with high precision that can be operated in challenging conditions for defence and space applications.


Roketsan had the following to say about their efforts in that area: “Capable of meeting local demand for pyrotechnic products through local and national capabilities, Roketsan is offering final products that can compete in international markets. All pyrotechnic products that we have developed can withstand electrostatic and electromagnetic interference. We are also ready to provide services for various civil applications other than the defence sector through our broad pyrotechnic product range.”

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