Roketsan Provides High Precision to 300 mm Missiles through TIGER

23 Mayıs 2019

Developed and manufactured by Roketsan, the TRG-300 (TIGER) Missile is a 300 mm weapon system that offers high accuracy thanks to its special guidance system. Capable of providing timely, accurate and heavy fire support for maneuvering units, the TIGER missile can hit high priority targets at ranges of between 30 and 120 kilometers.

A guidance system equipped with an Inertial Navigation System (INS), backed by a Global Positioning System (GPS), is behind TIGER’s ability to hit its targets with high accuracy. Placed in an insulated pod, TIGER missiles can be stored, carried, and launched from an inside-the-pod configuration.



TIGER missiles can also be fired from other platforms with an interface compatible with the TIGER Weapon System and multi-purpose multi barrel rocket launchers (MBRL) manufactured by Roketsan.

Being able to provide effective fire support for maneuvering units at both day and night, in all kinds of weather and over any terrain, the TIGER Missile Weapon System is integrated on a 6×6 tactical wheeled vehicle. TIGER is thus ensured high maneuverability not only on roads, but also on rough terrain, boasting also a robust superstructure that enhances system reliability.

With its long range and heavy fire capabilities, TIGER can assume critical roles in a wide spectrum of missions, ranging from peace support operations to attack by fire, in addition to standard tactical missions in support of maneuvering forces, as with the KHAN Weapon System.



The TIGER Weapon System can successfully apply shoot and scoot tactics as a result of its high-tech navigation and automatic aiming systems integrated into the weapon management system. The section commander can carry out a firing with only a two additional crewmen, including the loader and driver, thanks to the system’s high level of automation.

The TIGER Missile Weapon System has all the necessary mechanical, electrical and electronic subsystems for a wide range of firing missions, including preparation, planning, tasking, ballistic calculation and aiming. The system can be designed on different brands and models of vehicles, and with different subsystems, such as radios, power systems and navigation systems, taking into account the logistical infrastructure and requirements of the user.

Roketsan stresses that the TIGER Missile and TIGER Missile Weapon System are clear indicators of its innovations: “The TIGER Missile and TIGER Missile Weapon System are prime examples of how we can successfully convert a product that we originally designed and developed without a guidance system, into a system that is capable of responding to the requirements of a modern theatre of war, making use of our evolving technological infrastructure. Within this project, Roketsan has not only integrated a guidance system that provides high precision to the missile, but has also turned it into a weapon system that meets all user needs. Our users are extremely satisfied with our missile and weapon system.”


*INS: Inertial Navigation System

*GPS: Global Positioning System

*HE: High Explosive

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