ROKETSAN to Grant Turkey with Micro-Satellite Launch Capabilities

25 Ocak 2019
ROKETSAN_mikro_uydu - C - SSB

The Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and ROKETSAN inked the contract for the Micro-Satellite Launch System (MSLS) Development project at a ceremony organised on November 3, attended by Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, and representatives from the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and ROKETSAN. The signing of the contract also marked the completion, within the envisaged timeframe, of another action point defined in the Presidency’s 100-Day Action Plan.

The project covers the development and testing of the MSLS, as well as the establishment of the related facilities and launch base. The MSLS will be capable of placing micro-satellites weighing 100 kilograms or less into low earth orbit, which has an altitude of at least 400 kilometres. With the project, Turkey will acquire the ability to develop, test and produce satellite launching systems and to build launch bases – capabilities that only a few countries around the world possess.

Details of the project were shared with the public through a representative video, according to which the launch base will consist of the following units:

  • Launch ramp
  • Refuelling facility
  • Umbilical cable tower
  • Mobile integration tower
  • Launch control centre
  • Mission control centre
  • Data collection, assessment and analysis centre
  • Flight termination ground station
  • Tracking radar
  • Fixed telemetry antenna
  • Solid fuel stage assembly, integration and testing facility
  • Nose section assembly, integration and testing facility
  • Fuel storage area

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